Playground In A Sentence

Definition of Playground

(outdoors) A large open space for children to play on, usually having dedicated play equipment (such as swings and slides). | (figuratively) Any physical or metaphysical space in which a person or organization has free rein to do as they please.

How To Use Playground In A Sentence?

  • Few parents have any conception of the power of the playground over moral character.
  • His favorite pastime in the playground is to teach little boys how to play marbles.
  • The ducks frolicking in their watery playground chattered and flapped their heavy wings.
  • Certainly if there is a governing class, let there be a playground for the governing class.
  • She went out into the playground to breathe the fresh air, trembling with fury.
  • Only two boys remained on the playground and looked at each other, quite perplexed.
  • He was a gifted publicist, who regarded electronic media as both playground and weapon.
  • Not far from their playground stood a blind man with a barrel-organ playing his melodies.
  • This is modern France, the most cosmopolitan meeting place and playground of royalty in the world.
  • The Secretariat gleams, The playground of his youthful hopes, The workshop of his schemes.
  • The gardens were invaded by a throng which gave them more the aspect of an intrenched camp than a playground of princes.
  • Even in the playground the principal occupation was loafing, with a little occasional bullying thrown in.
  • There was also a cowardly brute there whose delight it was to persecute the little fellow on the playground in intolerable ways.
  • When she came into the playground with the last of the children she had rescued, she found that the villagers had arrived on the scene.
  • Late in November the street that was our only playground and space for exercise was filled with snow.
  • When it was ended, he quietly proceeded to move off to another part of the playground without vouchsafing any reply.
  • Ill-temper and envy and revenge find here an arsenal of pious disguises; this is the playground of inverted lusts.
  • On the contrary, it seemed rather a piquant thing to us to chevy him about the playground and hit him over the shins with a wicket.
  • In a school playground the rumour of a fight stirs latent passions, and doubles many a peaceful fist.
  • Nothing so narrows the playground of wit as when individual opinions and love of truth stand therein as fixed, solid pillars.
  • They received permission to open and conduct, during the long vacation, one playground in a large schoolyard.
  • The next day Tommy gave an organ recital in the playground before a large and enthusiastic audience.
  • The juniors at Wrykyn believed that it was to hide these excesses from the gaze of the public that the playground wall had been made so high.
  • He gets a good deal of discipline on the playground and street, but it is not always effective; the beatings may only further undermine control.
  • The forest in the neighbourhood of Banonga was as a playground to him; but he could not know what awaited him in a country so remote as this.
  • If we apply the above-named test of Kant to speculative philosophy it appears to be more the playground of different opinions than of science.
  • In one Bohemian family the grandmother took the two little boys to the playground and stayed with them as long as they stayed.
  • The extent of the playground was marked off by two pair of "byes" like those used in cricket, planted about thirty rods apart.
  • In spite of their intimacy at school and on the playground Edgar had up to this time never visited the Stanard home.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Playground | Playground Sentence

  • The world is its playground to wander in at will.
  • The excellent playground was also inspected.
  • Harley pacing up and down the playground with Elma Lewis.
  • The girls were out in the playground as she finished her task.
  • Once more she stood on the playground of her toilsome childhood.
  • The playground is full of bonny corners with flowers and bushes.
  • Now it has become a summer playground where people hunt and camp at large.
  • The palace of the Kings has become the playground of the democracy.
  • Meanwhile in the playground Gwin Harley waited in vain for Kitty to join her.
  • Under a tree on the broad lawn of the children's playground a baby was born.
  • The cave had been the children's playground ever since they could remember.

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