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  • Photo playhouse on the beach!
  • Not a trace of his playhouse was left!
  • The new photo playhouse at Seaside Park was a certainty.
  • Here the name and location of the new playhouse had been inserted.
  • The rival playhouse stood at the lowest part of the depression.
  • She would make a playhouse of it, in spite of all we could say.
  • The playhouse was wired for electric lights, but had a gas connection as well.
  • For all the busy Winter, warm weather hurt the photo playhouse at Fairlands.
  • In 1714, Addison wrote: "I look upon the playhouse as a world within itself.

How To Use Playhouse In A Sentence?

  • Trouble felt very bad about his playhouse of blue stones which had been taken away.
  • Pep told of the prospective photo playhouse that had come to their attention that day.
  • This opera was produced at every playhouse on the Italian peninsula in the course of a few years.
  • On October fourth the "Oedipe" of Voltaire was given at the playhouse before the assembled courts.
  • They began talking over the ever-present theme of their photo playhouse when there was an interruption.
  • The playhouse was abhorred by the puritans, and avoided by those who desired the character of seriousness or decency.
  • When Trouble had called out that his playhouse was gone they had thought he meant it was just knocked over.
  • He can make a fairy tale out of coal-tar dyes and a laboratory into a joyful playhouse while it continues functioning gloriously as a laboratory.
  • The playhouse was of oval form, with three balconies, and one part of the theatre was reserved for ladies.
  • The playhouse was abhorred by the Puritans, and avoided by those who desired the character of seriousness or decency.
  • Then, striding back to the mantelpiece, he stood watching her as if he had paid for a seat in a playhouse and had found standing-room only.
  • Jolly was rearranging the chairs after sweeping out the playhouse and Pep was dusting, when there came a summons at the front door.
  • I say unto thee a playhouse is the school for the old dragon, and a playbook the primer of Belzebub.
  • The Playhouse Theater on Chapin Street had what they called Bank Night on Wednesdays.
  • Frank and Jolly stood in front of the playhouse talking over affairs in general as Pep darted away on his mission of charity.
  • There is little now in the shattered playhouse to make alive its glories of Greek days, for as it stands it is largely a Roman ruin.
  • He thought of a world like some great playhouse in which players and orchestra and audience all co-operate in a noble production without dissent or conflict.
  • In Exeter at least, and possibly in other towns, a playhouse was built long before such a thing was known in the vicinity of London.
  • It seems that when Galileo and Herschel were little tots I undertook to construct a playhouse for them in the back yard.
  • As a result, the latter had copied the article about the chums from the home paper and had also given a glowing description of the new playhouse on the beach.
  • In 1758 Frankfurt was occupied by a French army, and a French playhouse was set going for the diversion of the officers.
  • Thou wilt do well in time, if thou wilt be ruled by thy betters, that is by my selfe, and such graue Aldermen of the playhouse as I am.
  • In 1885 when business began to move off of Mission street and to seek modern structures this playhouse was closed for some time and later devoted to vaudeville.
  • Jolly shook his head soberly when Frank produced some figures showing that the amount necessary to operate a new photo playhouse was beyond their ready means.

Definition of Playhouse

A venue for performing plays. | Alternative form of play house (“child's toy domestic dwelling”)
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