Playwright In A Sentence

Definition of Playwright

A writer and creator of theatrical plays.

How To Use Playwright In A Sentence?

  • One of them was a juster appreciation of the playwright as a man and a brother.
  • He was distinguished first as a playwright and afterwards as a parliamentary orator.
  • My proved failure as a playwright robs me of every chance of meeting you on equal terms.
  • Out upon the blundering playwright who made Bassanio win with the leaden casket!
  • This playwright seems to be sometimes alluded to as Daphnis, sometimes under his own name.
  • The anonymous playwright owes much more than the title of the play to Ben Jonson.
  • The author of the following lines was a New York playwright who won popularity a generation ago.
  • But the improbability of life constantly outruns the mechanical inventions of the playwright and the novelist.
  • In this spirit of banter the playwright and the star were left alone with the manuscript of the play.
  • She succeeded in provoking her playwright to a smile now and then by some audacious sally against the sombre silence of her cavaliers.
  • This play makes delightful reading and introduces in the person of its author a playwright of considerable promise.
  • Opening and closing his mouth noiselessly, the cowardly playwright finally clenched his teeth and tried again.
  • She felt far more of sickening suspense than ever did any young playwright on the opening night of his first play.
  • So his story was not the invention of a rejected playwright to cover the non-appearance of a play which nobody would produce.
  • These were mainly drawn from literature, first as a playwright then as a novelist, journalism and miscellanies coming in.
  • Her father is a playwright of reputation, who married a very lovely young actress who had sustained the leading part in several of his plays.
  • A playwright is always an entertainer, and unless his desire to hold his audience overpoweringly predominates, he will never be a success.
  • The playwright had lighted the long-stemmed pipe, and was thoughtfully blowing smoke rings toward the new patch in the bungalow ceiling.
  • It was the Kentuckian who broke the silence which fell upon the group around the table when the playwright made an end.
  • The term is intended to convey the idea of a playwright who is interesting and effective, one who is, in short, master of his trade.
  • That I am an actor and playwright you have graciously conceded, and that is the only distinction which I have ever claimed.
  • Not for an inheritance would he have bought any but the dearest cigars, for himself as well as for the playwright or author with whom he went into the shop.
  • However poor the monkish players or playwright might be, surely that which they were presenting was in itself enough to fill the mind of a spectator.
  • But he should have chosen a more stable testament than this avowal made to a whimsically-minded playwright with an absurd weakness for the beauties of a midnight wood.
  • The stage breakfast of a millionaire ambassador created by a playwright on the verge of bankruptcy had appealed to his imagination and influenced all the mornings of his life.
  • No playwright is more joyously observant than Mr. Jones; and none observes more accurately, in the milieu that he has chosen.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Playwright | Playwright Sentence

  • The playwright smiled.
  • But the playwright wants to be a pathologist.
  • The playwright rocked his head on the pillow.
  • When he became a playwright he was about fifty years old.
  • How does the playwright contrive to make us see all this?
  • The successful playwright is indeed a man to be envied.
  • The successful playwright is indeed a man to be envied.
  • The playwright was marching buoyantly along a cross street.
  • He and the Playwright smiled at me.
  • Almost imperceptibly the Playwright shrugged her shoulders.
  • As a playwright the fate of Euripides has been strange.
  • It means that we are to be something more than playwright and star.
  • When will some wise playwright celebrate his urban prototype, the alarm clock?
  • Watt told the playwright frantically, "Get St. Cyr back.

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