Plead In A Sentence

How To Use Plead In A Sentence?

  • I plead with you not to be afraid or to hold back.
  • Then self-defence plead my excuse.
  • It is the affair of our book to plead its own cause.
  • Even so does thy spirit plead with all spirits.
  • She would overtake him and plead with him not to go.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Plead | Plead Sentence

  • Do not plead with me.
  • Will you plead for me?
  • I am here to plead his cause with you.
  • He plead for forbearance.
  • How should this plead for pardon?
  • She seemed to plead with him.
  • Let me plead for his pardon.
  • Let me plead his cause.
  • Do not plead my example.
  • I do plead most earnestly.
  • I know she will plead for me.
  • He had promised to plead for him.
  • She sent me to plead with you.
  • Neidorf had been urged to plead guilty.
  • I plead against the unreason of your fault.
  • Why should she plead to me unless she was guilty?
  • I plead for individual independence.
  • Who will not plead in an unjust cause!
  • She had not expected him to plead like this.
  • She looked at me as if to plead her own cause.
  • It was impossible to plead his cause any more.
  • May they plead for me both on my dying day!
  • And plead reformation to depose you.
  • I will plead your cause with my sister.
  • Perhaps she had come to plead for his help.
  • She was not the kind to weep and plead with him.
  • Would she try to plead with him or herself and her father?
  • In this they must plead their own case.
  • They plead in all our courts of justice.
  • You shall go to her and plead with her for me.
  • One will plead that women are angels.
  • So the combination we plead for is not impossible!
  • I simply plead for freedom.
  • A fairer cause to plead before mankind?
  • How could he plead for a return of his love?

Definition of Plead

(transitive, intransitive) To present (an argument), especially in a legal case. | (intransitive) To beg, beseech, or implore. | (transitive) To offer by way of excuse.
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