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  • Then he pleaded for more.
  • Harrison pleaded tearfully.
  • He pleaded with her not to be so venturesome.
  • Lehnar pleaded with her father.
  • I pleaded a lapse of recollection.
  • I pleaded color-blindness.
  • It pleaded with an accent of charitable scorn.
  • At the last extremities the boy pleaded for mercy.
  • He pleaded not guilty, and the case proceeded.
  • Her tone was suddenly altered, her eyes pleaded with his.
  • I pleaded ill-health, and kept my bed.
  • Mrs. Bentley pleaded an engagement.
  • He chided me when I pleaded and begged for mercy.
  • The next day I pleaded in vain to see my mother.
  • He pleaded at any rate immediately his advertising no grievance.
  • He gave what remained of it to a wounded German who pleaded for it.
  • Hush!" pleaded Rhoda.
  • She is so much improved now," pleaded Josephine.
  • I seen 'em," pleaded Willie.
  • I'd let you alone," pleaded Hicks.
  • George pleaded in Letty's ear, "and walk with me a bit.
  • It's tables day to-morrow," pleaded Mary.
  • Then Menyhart Orzo's confessor came and pleaded with the gamblers.

How To Use Pleaded In A Sentence?

  • But when he stopped to speak to her she jumped up quickly and pleaded the haste of an errand.
  • Clinging to his sleeve she pleaded for pardon, as only a woman can do who has done no wrong.
  • She grovelled at his feet and further pleaded with him, to choose another, more worthy than her.
  • Tabu-Tabu and the king came into camp about this time, and pleaded for a ration of water.
  • I pleaded guilty to all the charges except the last, and explained the case as clearly as I could.
  • He pleaded his own Cause very courageously, without the least Trembling or Self-Contradiction.
  • Miriam pleaded for her beloved mistress in tears, but she was rudely thrust aside as too insignificant for arrest.
  • To the very last the gentry pleaded for reform to reassure men drifting in their despair into plots of armed republicanism.
  • It was pleaded in mitigation of the rotten borough, that it worked well, that substantial justice was done.
  • For the third time he called to her and pleaded with her to come out, but she would not answer him at all, so he went home very sorrowful.
  • He pleaded with her, but she would not listen; neither would she be comforted, but continued to sob.
  • Worth pleaded with his assistants to hang on, and hung on himself, twisting the tooth till it crackled and then attempting a straightaway pull.
  • On ringing him up, the clerk pleaded that before going to bed he had been taking gruel and hot water to get rid of a bad cold.
  • After some delay she pleaded guilty and was sentenced to pay the costs of the prosecution ($76.42), and released on parole.
  • The lad, who was undefended, pleaded that he was young, inexperienced, greatly in awe of his guardian, and without independent professional advice.
  • I pleaded 'not guilty,' and it may surprise you that in the face of such a plea, I should acknowledge that she took the money.
  • The King pleaded with her, but she was firm; and at last he told her to tell her troubles to the iron stove, since she would not confide in him.

Definition of Pleaded

(Britain, excepting Scotland), still used by some in the US. simple past tense and past participle of plead
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