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How To Use Pleads In A Sentence?

  • Though his people refused to hear him, he still loves them and pleads their cause.
  • The excuse is not admitted; the smith pleads hard to be saved from the shame of a failure.
  • In the next chapter he pleads (it is one of his favourite subjects) for mutability.
  • It begs, whines, pleads for the goodwill and the approval of neutral mankind.
  • With wondrous patience and graciousness He pleads for the personal crowning in our lives.
  • When a man loudly pleads for public good, we shrewdly suspect a private emolument lurking beneath.
  • So hangs the conscience, doubtful to determine When honesty pleads here, and there a bribe.
  • And pleads once more to yield; Have you not fully yet resolved, To shun this battle-field?
  • Jones, Robert, excepted from pardon, 202; Moryson pleads for, 203; pardoned, 204.
  • She appears in person before the judges and pleads so shrewdly, that our best advocates might take lessons from her.
  • But the principles there disclosed meet with an impression, in our moral constitution, which pleads with authority for their truth.
  • This lurking scoundrel, seeking to set half the town on fire, pleads drunkenness as keeping him abroad.
  • Courts will usually impose a lighter sentence when a guilty person pleads "guilty" and avoids the delay and expense of a trial.
  • A gentleman caller must not look at his watch during a call, unless, in doing so, he pleads some engagement and asks to be excused.
  • The money-getter who pleads his love of work has a lame defense, for love of work at money-getting is a lower taste than love of money.
  • An impassioned duo of great power follows, in which Santuzza pleads with him to love her, but all in vain.
  • The beggar who pleads for reasonable justice towards the national enemy strikes a note which Euripides himself often had to sound afterwards.
  • Infancy is the perpetual Messiah, which comes into the arms of fallen men, and pleads with them to return to paradise.
  • Advocate for man, untired of intercession, Pleads his voice for slaves whose lords his voice defied.
  • The lawyer pleads in the language of Schiller and Goethe; but when he examines his witnesses he has frequently to condescend to the vulgar tongue.
  • Redier (30), a French writer, illustrates this very clearly when he pleads that the interest of the motherland must be placed first.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pleads | Pleads Sentence

  • It pleads its own cause.
  • A father pleads with his child!
  • So pleads the proud planter.
  • The bird that pleads and begs.
  • One who pleads the cause of another.
  • He pleads that ever will be constant to thee.
  • He pleads earnestly that rickshaws are very cheap.
  • First we capsize his boat and then he pleads for us.
  • He seeks to excite pity, and pleads for time.
  • He pleads for entrance, but too often pleads in vain.
  • Who pleads with the Governor?
  • In vain Eochaidh pleads with her to stay with him.
  • The coal-heaver pleads that he saw a baker being shaved there the day before.
  • She passionately pleads for protection against dishonor, and the god consents.
  • As against this fashionable Hobbism, Parker pleads Conscience.
  • He pleads with me, He hears ere I can call; Jesus!
  • Barnard, Lady Anne, pleads for the baboons, 24, 25; on some rabbits, 222.
  • Doesn't George suggest it, when he pleads for industrial democracy?
  • With tears in his eyes, he pleads with the devil: 'Let me go!

Definition of Pleads

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of plead
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