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  • For the rest, the pleasantness is not on every side.
  • Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace.
  • Her pleasantness which was a present thing was a pleasant thing.
  • The red thrush seemed now to be part of the pleasantness of the garden.
  • I'm sure your mother's ways are those of pleasantness and peace.
  • The mask of pleasantness had gone; the reserve of good manners disappeared.
  • Most of the pleasantness vanished, and a sharp look came to the man's face.
  • A slight decrease in the pleasantness of the Kid's smile was noticeable.

How To Use Pleasantness In A Sentence?

  • Notice how the author makes you feel the pleasantness of the walk in the woods.
  • Where Justice and Labor walked hand in hand into ways of pleasantness and paths of peace.
  • It is the pureness and the pleasantness that have clustered there; the very walls have drunk these in.
  • So that at least he did not soften by personal pleasantness the opposition they felt to his whole view of life.
  • He opened his campaign by overtaking her on the road, and remarking on the pleasantness of the weather.
  • Chops and toast and a blazing fire give forth odors of distracting pleasantness under such circumstances.
  • It is not the sunshine, or any other tangible why, that accounts for the pleasantness of old house corners.
  • Hilary herself was not insensible to the pleasantness of this warm, well-lit, crimson-atmosphered apartment.
  • She looked deep enough to find the pleasantness we didn't know was there because we'd covered it up with so much disagreeableness.
  • There is nothing distinctive about the Japanese countenance, but there is an intangible pleasantness that is common to all.
  • Her pleasantness which was a present thing was expressing that she was one seeing and loving, hearing and loving, hearing and seeing and loving.
  • Now that is a pleasant thing generally; yet its pleasantness depends, after all, upon the way the lips part over the ivory.
  • The pleasantness had quite vanished from his face; and when he spoke, almost in a whisper, his lip was curling haughtily and his brows were bent.
  • He talked of the book I held in my hand, of the views on the river, of the pleasantness of country life.
  • Astonishing, how pleasantness is regarded with suspicion in the Five Towns, even by women who can at a pinch be angels!
  • She felt better and, her reverie borrowing a ray from the cloud, went on to rejoice in the pleasantness of the garden which she might for the time being call hers.
  • Though poor and uneducated, she was a person of very unusual natural powers; her ideas were singularly original, and she had a charming pleasantness of wit.
  • He ought to have gone rapidly forward, and not thought any thing about the pleasantness or unpleasantness of it, but only been anxious to finish the work, and please his father.
  • That island is called "the garden of nature," because of the singular pleasantness and beauty that it enjoys, in which it is more fortunate than the other islands of that famous sea.
  • Then he thought of the days of pleasantness they had passed together, and his heart felt as if it must break, while from behind his closed eyelids great tears rolled down his face.
  • It was not herself she was thinking of, or trying to please; her obedience and her pleasantness and her smallest actions were full of the very spirit of reverence and good-will; no wonder it was all done gracefully.
  • Is it not true that one or two continental nations fall below us in regard to this quality, while they far excel us in kindliness and cheerfulness of temper, and pleasantness of manners?
  • The apple-jack dilated most engagingly on the remarkable beauty of the evening, the pleasantness of the weather generally, and the delightfulness of Shelbyville.

Definition of Pleasantness

(uncountable) The state or quality of being pleasant. | (countable) Something pleasant.
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