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How To Use Pleases In A Sentence?

  • The temper of the times explains the case to every body that pleases but to look into it.
  • Remember that I am in your power only so long as it pleases me to submit to you.
  • But the stick or so put in the paper about my passing through Leavenworth pleases me.
  • The favour of the Emperor is assured to you, who can and does do anything as it best pleases him.
  • You shall do as it pleases you in all things, and I will ask only to watch over you.
  • I am delighted, and so is Robert, that you should have found what pleases you in the clock.
  • So just his meaning, and his sense to true, He only pleases the discerning few.
  • Remain here, or go, as it best pleases you; preach as seems good to you, and build churches.
  • Nay, such discourse, be it confessed, Is just the thing that pleases me the best.
  • It is only a slight return, I know, but it is the one, I feel certain, that pleases them most.
  • It pleases some folks to believe in chance, but I get more comfort thinking God has His own way.
  • If it pleases you to imagine that the alteration is in the nature of a great moral awakening, by all means consider it so.
  • This sapient compromise pleases the bridegroom, and he proceeds to a consideration of various problems of finance.
  • He takes from any dish that pleases him; and sometimes a host hands a delicate morsel with his fingers to one of his guests.
  • For he is the searcher of the thoughts and counsels of the heart; whose breath is in us, and when he pleases he can take it from us.
  • It pleases him to convey the impression to his men that Brooks can't get along without him.
  • The German is far too much of a patriot to be trusted to do as he pleases in a country with which his Fatherland is at war.
  • His performance of the commonest act, as catching a beetle, or picking a worm from the mud, pleases like a stroke of wit or eloquence.
  • This pleases him, it flatters him, but it is a piece of hypocrisy on their part, because the Don is too kind-hearted to eject them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pleases | Pleases Sentence

  • Have you struck out a scheme that pleases you?
  • And yet the story pleases them.
  • Siena pleases us very much.
  • The theatre now pleases the people.
  • Lothe pleases me a good deal.
  • Every prospect pleases and naught but man is vile.
  • Every necessary or organic action pleases the beholder.
  • It pleases the eye, the ear, and the touch.
  • What pleases much in Mons.
  • This pleases me no more than you, good Laches.
  • If my face pleases you, I can kiss you.
  • This Minister pleases them to Perfection.
  • I wonder if the Empress pleases you as well as the Emperor.
  • Nor shall I die until it pleases the good God.
  • There's something pleases him.
  • It pleases me to deduce that you are not related to the armourer.
  • What hurts them, hurts them; what pleases them, pleases them.
  • He pleases himself, and a very tiny audience: I do not call that failure.
  • It's all one to me, and it pleases Lady Meg.
  • For I came when it pleased him, and when it pleases him I will go.
  • ZEPHERINA: Your face pleases me.

Definition of Pleases

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of please
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