Pledge In A Sentence

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  • I pledge you my word on this.
  • In pledge of ancient friendship.
  • You have broken the pledge made by your council.
  • They took the liquor pledge and waited for results.
  • Food as pledge of hospitality, 59.
  • We pledge you both, and thanke you hartelie.
  • The whole gang will pledge their words of honor to that.
  • And I will pledge with mine.
  • Effort to Pledge us not to Attempt Escape.
  • Their attraction for you is the pledge that they are within your reach.
  • Why would he not pledge himself at once to total abstinence?
  • Another woman's pledge sacred to you?
  • I'll pledge my word to see you through it.
  • No man has obtained more signatures to the temperance pledge than he.
  • The girls should pledge themselves not to wear birds for ornament.
  • This was the same pledge which the original firm had required of its men.
  • She almost forgot the matter of the pledge in this new and pleasant life.
  • We are not even told why Minos failed to keep his pledge to the maiden.
  • I give up the journey; at least I will not pledge myself on this point.
  • The Big Buffalo once learned to believe the pledge of the Iroquois.
  • I will pledge the honour of New France that La Grange shall suffer.
  • You restore to him his eyes which he left in pledge at Mimir's spring.

How To Use Pledge In A Sentence?

  • Where is the leader who could be bold enough to give such a pledge for his followers?
  • He knew that if he signed the pledge he should only add a broken vow to his other sins.
  • May my candor serve as a pledge of my wish to discharge this debt at some future day!
  • He had always been able to pledge his harvest, and now he could pledge also his land.
  • Your pledge is so to reform the Church as to make it meet the respect and affection of the people.
  • Lastly, it was the only acceptable pledge of Austrian sincerity which Russia could accept.
  • The twenty thousand knights who march with Carle Pledge with one soul their fealty.
  • Deacon shook hands all around, after receiving a final pledge of good luck on Karo-Karo.
  • I must not tell you yet; but, in four-and-twenty hours, I pledge myself to bring her back to you.
  • He did not set a guard to sit with wakeful eyes through the night in fear that the pledge was not true.
  • In the pledge they had something to point to which could serve as an answer to those who could not or would not hear reason.
  • When a friend drinks one's health, who can be so hard-hearted as not to pledge him?
  • He wrote a solemn pledge which all the officers in the house signed, binding them not to divulge the scheme.
  • After all the matter is mere form; a pledge to secure the return of the sealed paper forged by the husband.
  • Abraham had observed that at one time the habit had been placed in pledge with him by Casanova for three sequins.
  • He received a solemn pledge to that effect; and presently the partners separated, a little better satisfied with each other.
  • I pledge my word of honor you shall meet with no reproaches from me, which, indeed, could no longer avail.
  • And you, Sirs, in return, Shall pledge me in the Captain; eat him; drink him: And laugh at him.

Definition of Pledge

To make a solemn promise (to do something). | To deposit something as a security; to pawn. | (transitive) To give assurance of friendship by the act of drinking; to drink to one's health.
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