Plenty In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Plenty | Plenty Sentence

  • I have plenty for you all.
  • Talks plenty about himself.
  • Ring plenty too much!
  • They seem to have plenty of money.
  • He had plenty of money and a kodak, and that was enough.
  • A plenty ob hit, yes.
  • I daresay she has plenty of pretty grey hair underneath.
  • Master, plenty money, plenty money!
  • He had plenty of time, and he took up Blackstone again.
  • Town's plenty of fun, but it takes one's ambition.
  • You've got plenty more than twelve hundred quid below.
  • You'll find plenty of drinking traps there.
  • That'll fool them plenty for to-night.
  • It takes courage to be a good citizen, and he had plenty of it.
  • He had plenty of money, and was determined in any case to enjoy himself.
  • She was of age, she had money of her own, plenty of pluck too.
  • And, of course, there were plenty of jests at Great Britain.
  • There's plenty about us that loves their drink a vast deal too well.
  • There's plenty of stones along the beach for the casual mischief maker.
  • If you don't--well, there's plenty of wood here.
  • As for 'Enrietter, she had plenty of pluck, if she had no morals.

How To Use Plenty In A Sentence?

  • The food was of the best quality and there was plenty of it for all, and some to spare.
  • They will wither and die unless they have plenty of rain to keep the earth soft and moist.
  • The house had no cellar, but there was plenty of room under it for stowing away the loose earth.
  • I could wander about from place to place, and have plenty of fresh air, and my liberty too.
  • You shall have a room to yourself, a good bed, plenty of food, and a good deal of liberty.
  • There is plenty of open air in the book, bright talk, and earnest stories told round the fire.
  • To this the occupant of the stage replied that he had paid for his seat; but there were plenty of other seats that they could have.
  • But men we had known and trails we had followed furnished us plenty of grist for the conversational mill.
  • Green uniformed soldiers of peace and plenty they seemed to me, bidding defiance to want and famine.
  • In spite of obliterating rain, there were plenty of fresh cattle tracks along and by the side of the trail.
  • It was easy for the boy and his father to kill plenty of game, and thus keep the family supplied with meat.
  • We had plenty of pride and self-respect, and that carried us on; but there was no submission, no notion of taking it religiously.
  • Patricia had a vision of a fascinating, elegant creature with sorrowful eyes and plenty of furs, and she gave a little cry of expectation.
  • There were plenty in the stream, and Ida dragged them up, and began to make a ford by piling them together.
  • I can get a plenty more, and I will give it to her," insisted the little girl again.
  • It was a lovely morning, and, having nothing to do and plenty in 'is pocket to do it with, he went along like a schoolboy with a 'arf holiday.
  • The young lady did not speak, but, cheerfully remarking that we had plenty of time before us, he took our books also, and we all set forth.
  • It has an interesting plot, with plenty of scope for good acting, good music, and last, and not least, good scenery.
  • Sometimes I waited to exchange a few remarks with him, for, though his voice was husky and not one of his attractions, he had always plenty to say.

Definition of Plenty

(obsolete) plentiful | A more-than-adequate amount. | More than enough.
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