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  • The teams plod home to rest.
  • We'll rest awhile and then plod along.
  • And then we plod back through the darkness to the inn beside the river.
  • Sometimes we had to plod through piles of coarse, porous cinders.
  • Meanwhile we plod on determinedly, hoping for the hidden glory.
  • If you are dull, remember the inch-worm, take courage, and plod away.
  • The rattle of wheels, the plod of horses' hoofs were almost abreast.

How To Use Plod In A Sentence?

  • His brain began again to plod up the treadmill it had labored on for so many black hours.
  • His wife, he declared, should ride to her home like a queen, not plod like a peasant.
  • I will plod for hours and hours at a time, and at every turn I am handicapped.
  • But the thought that chiefly filled him with joy was that henceforth he would not be compelled to plod forward as a weary pilgrim.
  • The distance over which convoys must plod was reduced by half, and the business of supply was doubly accelerated.
  • The pine or aspen bluff is left behind, and under the grey starlight we plod along through the snow.
  • Don't plod slowly along the streets, but walk as rapidly as your legs will carry you.
  • He ceased, and nothing but the faint jingle of rein chains and the steady plod of hoofs disturbed the vast silence.
  • The driver, a bearded farmer, was urging the patient animal on, although it was impossible for it to do more than plod in its awkward harness.
  • And I resolved to plod on no longer in sober cow-fashion, but to trot off nimbly and briskly and lightly.
  • And, holding the Winchester ready, he commenced once more to plod on through the stinging sheets of wind-driven ice particles.
  • And remember, please, Miss Charlotte, if you are to do justice to yourself and to your family, you must not plod all the time.
  • They plod along for years apparently striving to make piano-playing machines of themselves, and in the end result in becoming something rather inferior.
  • The sleek and shapely kine which these sturdy fellows are commandeering plod peacefully along in happy ignorance of the fact that they are prisoners of war being led to their doom by an armed guard.
  • Such is the nature of the evidence for savage ideas, and for their survivals in civilisation; and the amount of the evidence is best known to him who has to plod through tracts, histories and missionary reports.

Definition of Plod

(intransitive) To walk or move slowly and heavily or laboriously (+ on, through, over). | (transitive) To trudge over or through. | To toil; to drudge; especially, to study laboriously and patiently.
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