Plodded In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Plodded | Plodded Sentence

  • Then we plodded on again.
  • Then she turned and plodded on.
  • Launcelot plodded on doggedly.
  • And still we plodded on.
  • The regiment plodded on as before.
  • They settled to their tasks and plodded on.
  • The ponies plodded on cheerfully.
  • He plodded along at his work.
  • The dwarf plodded off obediently.
  • The little company plodded along.
  • The old man plodded along.
  • The snow thinned off as we plodded on our way.
  • All he had to do was to persevere, and he plodded on.
  • Pete turned and plodded down the dusty road.
  • The horses plodded slowly through the sand.
  • The horse plodded on with a dejected air.
  • For a long hour they plodded blindly.
  • He plodded on, down a slight grade.
  • Nielsen plodded on, mindful of our mules.
  • For many hours they again plodded on beneath a brazen sky.
  • Annele plodded on, without returning any answer.
  • They plodded along in silence, but hopeful.
  • The burro plodded on, patient and obedient.
  • All day they plodded on, neither trusting himself to speak.
  • We plodded on dully, anodyned with the desert patience.
  • At his own heels, doglike, plodded Hare-Lip.
  • And they plodded on wearily over the ledges and down the west descent.
  • They landed at the little wharf and plodded through the heavy sand.
  • He did not like the going here, but he plodded on with his burdens.
  • He shrugged his shoulders and plodded up the steep path by her side.
  • Then they shook the powdery snow from them and plodded on towards the outpost.
  • A hardy band of mariners plodded beside the wheels and behind.
  • We could hear his wails growing ever fainter as he plodded up the stairs.
  • Next morning, we plodded on again through the thick, yellow jungle.
  • And he plodded on toward the tractor, refusing to answer another question.
  • The big animals moved faster, and the tired men plodded on silently.

How To Use Plodded In A Sentence?

  • Thinking this was the station we plodded on as steadily as possible through the mud.
  • They had been so faithful and had plodded along when there seemed no hope for them.
  • They plodded along steadily and silently, each of them thinking his own thoughts.
  • Once a farmer going by offered her a ride; but she shook her head and plodded on.

Definition of Plodded

simple past tense and past participle of plod
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