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  • The next day Plodder had a long talk with Calvin.
  • A plodder stands back while the brilliant man moves to the front.
  • No plodder ever kept more closely to the safe and beaten path.
  • It was not only in the regiment that Plodder became a notoriety.
  • Under these circumstances, Plodder was not the man to hesitate.
  • Of course Plodder was assailed with instant demands to explain his meaning.
  • It used to be asserted of Plodder that he was figuring for the Signal Corps.
  • He makes money, Mrs. Planter, too fast to bother with an old plodder like me.

How To Use Plodder In A Sentence?

  • Trickett paid dear for his whistle, but for the time it seemed to hold Plodder in check.
  • That night, therefore, Mr. Plodder went to bed half full of comfort and whiskey.
  • Old Plodder gave me a check for four hundred dollars, payable at the First National in Chicago.
  • Everybody was amazed; but Plodder would only shake his head and mutter that he knew what he was talking about.
  • His joy and pride in that shambling, God-forsaken, worthless plodder whom he had despised for years was overwhelming.
  • But the wonder was, how could old Plodder bear to spend four hundred dollars of his hoarded gains even for the coveted file?
  • No plodder over the desk ever wore a more broadcloth countenance; an occasional smile was the only indication of his interest in what was passing around him.
  • These classic masterpieces endure through their genius; the excuse of any plodder who chooses their theme to-day is that he deals with the material of to-day.

Definition of Plodder

One who plods. | A person who works slowly, making a great effort with little result; a person who studies laboriously.
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