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  • And now by way of a change let me just lightly give the plots of the following few stories.
  • In this world there is nothing but plots and counter-plots, mines and countermines.
  • Then, because the King was afraid to attack him, he began to lay plots against the boys.
  • Let my confounding plots but goe before, And thou shalt wade up to the chin in gore.
  • Life has such a strange way of foreshortening its longest plots with a startling, snapped-off ending.
  • To the very last the gentry pleaded for reform to reassure men drifting in their despair into plots of armed republicanism.
  • Foul murders are being committed; dark plots being laid and executed by those which struggle in that dark and troubled valley.
  • They may hang or shoot you before sundown, as a warning to the rest of us to stop these plots to escape.
  • You promise not to be concerned in plots and conspiracies against the government, but patiently submit to the law and the constituted authorities?
  • In the end she almost spoiled all by one of those absent-minded mistakes that sometimes betray the best laid plots and plans.
  • But we care nothing for their curses, or for their ill will, so long as they do not proceed to plots and conspiracies against us.
  • To this end, she began to cast about for some cunning wizard, who might countervail the plots of this malicious witch.
  • There is no ignoring the fact that a large portion of our plots belonged originally to Eastern nations.
  • If the Suffragettes still hatch their plots under our roof, they are denied the use of it for carrying them out.
  • Many rumors of plots against King's life are to be found in the detailed history of the day.
  • The book on gardening was a special favourite, and soon the pitmen were astonished to see changes in the tiny plots of ground behind their houses.
  • Alvarado succeeded him when the plots and counterplots of the disputacions had sent Carrillo to the North.
  • Unheard-of confiscations were made in the northern parts, upon grounds of plots and conspiracies, never proved upon their supposed authors.
  • The climatic test plots were established on freshly cleared forest sites, with trees randomized, and planted 8 feet apart.
  • There they dwelt in permanent villages, surrounded by their garden plots of corn, beans, squashes, etc.
  • I am sure you will pardon me if I spend a single moment in recalling the plots of these two stories so far as concerns this point of contact.
  • Or perhaps it was that of a patriarch, surrounded by his numerous progeny, much as, in our own day, burial plots are set apart for families.
  • Somehow the story of how the Interstate people had outwitted the plots of the Star crowd had gotten noised around the meet.
  • The plots are laide, the keyes of golden coine, Hath op'd the secret closets of their harts.
  • Thrice-happy he thus touch'd with healing sorrow, For whom night's strife plots but a gracious morrow.
  • Choice of Company Bring not every man into thine house; for many are the plots of the deceitful man.
  • Unconscious of plots and counterplots, Cosden and Huntington sauntered innocently onto the piazza after their noonday meal.
  • Now they had come to the "flowerpots" of the Playground, beautiful grass plots interwoven with delicate blooms and ringed about with water lilies.
  • From 1802 to 1815 young La Baudraye added several plots to his vineyards, and devoted himself to the culture of the vine.
  • You should pursue him with your spredding bandes Swifter in march then is the lightning flame, And take him tardy whilst his plots are tame.
  • It was rejected there, chiefly because the bishops helped the King to get rid of it; and the fear of Catholic plots revived again.

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  • Are midnight plots the order of the age?
  • There are two distinct plots in the present play.
  • They believe she plots with them against the Raj!
  • At home, intelligence of plots began to thicken every day.
  • Or, Checkmating the Plots of Foreign Spies.
  • Results from the hybrid test plots are not included in this discussion.
  • We also found clear-felled plots with barbed wire fences around.
  • In fact, the "Decamerone" furnished him with plots for several of his plays.
  • Any of these plots could have been altered by jogging the author's elbow.

Definition of Plots

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of plot | plural of plot
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