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  • It was you who plotted it.
  • You plotted to no avail.
  • He also plotted other towns.
  • And a grim game was plotted then and there.
  • Had he plotted it himself, it had been admirable.
  • Accordingly, they plotted carefully.
  • Half the evil that went on in the park was plotted by him.
  • It is certain that thy life is plotted against.
  • This time the king plotted her death by drowning.
  • The plotted surprise appeared to succeed completely.
  • Had Mosby plotted there?
  • I plotted this with Umfraville.
  • Cibo plotted to kill the Duke.
  • Aaron Dietz plotted the whole affair himself.
  • With these it is plotted to equip Sagarika as the queen.
  • How they plotted and schemed together against poor Elsa!
  • Dan McGrew had plotted well.
  • I plotted with Debra to have Julius murdered.
  • So he plotted with Rezin, king of Damascus.
  • This is shown by the results plotted in Diagram II.
  • Day and night Le Beau, the man-brute, plotted against him.
  • Fellow-ecclesiastics plotted against him, but he was more than their match.
  • The old men of the tribe muttered against him and plotted his death.
  • With calculating cunning he had plotted and schemed to get her into his power.
  • The man who had the money had plotted out quite a different course for me.
  • And who is the man who has plotted the hurricane-courses of the Paumotus?
  • I've plotted nothing, George.
  • The Church has plotted; but the world has plotted much more.
  • So they plotted and planned, heads close together, as the night wore away.
  • You and Longstaff have plotted that I shall go with an empty stomach this day.

How To Use Plotted In A Sentence?

  • They were plotted and followed through with diabolical accuracy and thoroughness.
  • She narrated the sickening events as they had been plotted in her presence and under her roof.
  • Somehow she got into communication with this fat rogue and together they plotted it out.
  • Brooding over her fancied wrongs, she lived there and plotted evil against mankind.
  • The topographers plotted the map work, and all finished up their necessary notes and data.
  • We made love to one another, and plotted darkly in the deepest obscurity of the hold.
  • Two measurements (in millimeters) reflecting tooth-wear plotted against one another.
  • But he plotted again, and promised again, and bribed and bought again, in his old deceitful way.
  • Lents plotted a long, graceful curve that would bring them to Earth with the best possible speed.
  • I met Mr. Thurston and learned from him how somebody had plotted to destroy his machinery.

Definition of Plotted

simple past tense and past participle of plot
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