Plough in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Plough

1. Fifteen teams can plough this. 🔊

2. Twelve teams can plough this. 🔊

3. Three teams can plough this. 🔊

4. They stiffly plough the field. 🔊

5. He that plougheth should plough in hope. 🔊

6. The plough in the broken earth. 🔊

7. And he had to plough one acre for oats. 🔊

8. Who would plough the lands of the baron? 🔊

9. He can only be bound by a plough chain or woolen thread. 🔊

10. The plough is simply a sharpened stick covered with iron. 🔊

11. To the Plough the blue-jackets made their way. 🔊

12. Eh, plough not, and sow not, You downtrodden peasants! 🔊

13. It naturally happens that Peter lends his plough to John. 🔊

14. So he bent his head and tried to plough on through the drifts. 🔊

15. But as there is only one plough to be had, two cannot be lent. 🔊

16. Her hand was to the plough and she must not turn weakly back. 🔊

How to use Plough in Sentences?

1. The husbandman who held his own plough and fed his own cattle was the greatest man of the age. 🔊

2. From the plough to the pavement goes man, but to the plough he returns at last. 🔊

3. And he that by the plough would thrive, Himself must either hold or drive. 🔊

4. But the sky overhead grew clearer, and in it twinkled the Plough and the central stars. 🔊