Ploughed In A Sentence

Definition of Ploughed

Turned over with the blade of a plough to create furrows (usually for planting crops). | (figuratively, rare) Well-trodden or well-researched, previously explored. | simple past tense and past participle of plough

How To Use Ploughed In A Sentence?

  • One might suppose that some giant of yore had ploughed out this country and left it.
  • It was then ploughed up and left in that condition until a fresh crop was sown in the autumn.
  • He never walks into the fields but he finds ground ploughed which is fitter for pasture.
  • The more the ground is ploughed the better the seed will grow, the better the harvest will be.
  • Only half the land was ploughed for seed and the other half was left fallow or idle for a year.
  • The ploughed fields and roads are all more or less under water, and each day it rains more.
  • Trouble had ploughed its furrows deep, and all the light of hope had gone out of her eyes.
  • As his horse ploughed through the low scrub his men followed hard upon his heels.
  • The wind was favourable, and the schooner ploughed its way swiftly through the autumn night.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ploughed | Ploughed Sentence

  • But the vessel ploughed on.
  • He turned into it and ploughed the drifts.
  • Was ocean ploughed with harnessed fire?
  • So she laid him down in the furrow of a ploughed field.
  • I left at home had been ploughed out of existence.
  • With ploughed land the case is different.
  • Then he came to the edge of a ploughed field.
  • The downs have been ploughed and sown up to the sky-line.
  • A field is ploughed three years running.
  • A bullet had ploughed a furrow across the shoulder.
  • As the season advanced we ploughed and planted the field.
  • The tenant of ploughed land may be changed annually.
  • Its owner chased us across ploughed fields.
  • Brian had ploughed and Brian had mended fences.
  • Most of the Prussians stayed in the ploughed field.
  • Shivering, I ploughed through the deepening drifts.
  • Something stirred in their midst and a crashing shot ploughed into it.
  • Its feet ploughed up the dirt as it braced them to resist him.
  • Here a hill has been ploughed into a sea of little brown waves.
  • It ought to be pulled down and the site ploughed up and sown with salt.
  • Then it ploughed into the swirls and headed for the smooth reaches beyond.
  • Especially are gendarmes not built to run across ploughed fields.
  • The bull stopped so abruptly that his hooves ploughed up the sand.
  • To dream of seeing the ground unseasonably ploughed means death.
  • How'd they look in a ploughed field or a muddy lane?
  • The shells ploughed the ground around them, smothering them with dirt.
  • A jagged sliver of stone ploughed across the back of his extended hand.
  • The little steamer had ploughed through 10,000 miles of water that season.
  • He ploughed his way to the bank, scrambled out, and vanished.
  • Her feet ploughed up the earth and stones, and the crowd hooted and jeered.
  • We tried our best to get along, and ploughed and sowed last spring.

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