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  • What plucky troops they were!
  • But she is a plucky girl through and through.
  • You are a plucky fellow.
  • The plucky little toads!
  • He was a plucky old fellow anyway to go at all.
  • Eh, you plucky toy heroes!
  • The half-frozen man made a plucky effort.
  • The word, taken by itself, means a manly or plucky fellow.
  • That was plucky of you, because I know you hate it so.
  • What a plucky fellow Joe was to tackle them single-handed.
  • That plucky scout died the day after Lindbergh got there.
  • I get plucky when I am half an hour out of pain.
  • That was the last I saw of a very plucky young fellow.
  • There's a plucky lass!
  • They are all such boys and so plucky in the face of certain knowledge.
  • But he's an awfully plucky chap.
  • This plucky old man had not made the journey up to town for nothing.
  • I tell you, they were awful plucky about getting things out.
  • Though you went often hungry, you had a plucky smile upon your lips.
  • Well, never mind, you're a plucky fellow.
  • But the memory of that plucky little smile stayed right with Billy.
  • A man, though low-born, should shame to be less plucky than a rat!
  • Ned Rogers, a "down-east" plucky lad ships as cabin boy to earn a livelihood.
  • I envy the plucky settlers' wives who are the mothers of her future.

How To Use Plucky In A Sentence?

  • And so plucky of you to go to the ball tonight, after your long and fatiguing journey.
  • He was a plucky boy, and when threatened he just looked us sullenly in the face.
  • He was a very plucky young man, but he had no liking at all for strange and unlawful escapades.
  • He had liked her green cloth dress and the hat that framed her young, laughing, plucky face.
  • The little chap is too plucky and too sensitive; and I have to hit out in earnest.
  • Greville is, I am thankful to say, not badly wounded, and as plucky as ever.
  • The fighters are vastly plucky about their mishaps, and generally manage to run out rather than be carried.
  • I went into her dressing room and offered to do the last bit and let her go home after her plucky fight.
  • She's a plucky little woman, and it might be best for her to have some sort of company.
  • Louis fully appreciated the enormous advantage to himself, and was not stinting in his reward to the plucky little town.
  • In a very few moments the plucky pilot was clinging to his airplane, as it floated for a few moments on the choppy sea.
  • The artificial spurs were fitted to the natural ones, were sharp as needles, and the plucky bird already knew how to use them.
  • Then, gradually, very gradually, those same plucky eyes had dulled and sickened as though every individual thought in her brain was festering.
  • A cussed little fool to tackle a trip like this, but a plucky sight better than those pick-me-up-and-carry-me kind of women.
  • Passing under our stern, she changed her course, and the plucky little schooner held up along the coast, making for one of the northern ports.

Definition of Plucky

Having or showing pluck, courage or spirit in trying circumstances.
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