Plug Up In A Sentence

Definition of Plug Up

(transitive) To put a plug or bung into something; to interrupt the flow of. | (transitive) To reinforce something weak.

How To Use Plug Up In A Sentence?

  • He spurred his old white plug up that way, and the soldiers scuttled along after him.
  • After breakfast he would plug up every hole in his shelter, and pile half-a-dozen sizeable pieces outside with which to close the front door.
  • Well, I see I couldn't plug up this flowin' fountain of tears with sympathy or reason, so we mogged along.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Plug Up | Plug Up Sentence

  • One might as well hope to plug up a spring in the hillside.
  • I tried to plug up the puncture with some chewing gum, but it wouldn't work.

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