Plunder In A Sentence

Definition of Plunder

(transitive) To pillage, take or destroy all the goods of, by force (as in war); to raid, sack. | (transitive) To take (goods) by pillage. | (intransitive) To take by force or wrongfully; to commit robbery or looting, to raid.

How To Use Plunder In A Sentence?

  • Again he began the prowl after likely plunder that was to be his daily industry.
  • He was then preparing to decamp with his plunder when a dramatic incident detained him.
  • Rightly will any nation jealously defy him who dares advance to plunder its possessions.
  • Some persons consider that plunder is perfectly justifiable, if only sanctioned by law.
  • It had been finally resolved to kill us at once, to plunder our house and then to burn it.
  • The whole of the natives were awake, and it surprised me they did not attempt to plunder us.
  • And he knows why the Senecas left their villages and fields to plunder his white children.
  • On the third day the Mongol troops received permission to enter and plunder the fortress.
  • He was anxious to fence his plunder without delay, and he made his way to Hoxton.
  • But it was no easy matter to bring our plunder and the women and children through the forests and swamps.
  • It first robs the people of its own nation of their rights and then proceeds to plunder other nations.
  • The people will be patient no longer, and if food is not forthcoming they will plunder the bakeries.
  • Take care not to listen to this sophistry, for it is just by the systematising of these arguments that legal plunder becomes systematised.
  • When the rogues had taken everything on which they could lay their hands, they brought the prisoners and the plunder to the marketplace.
  • Stuart may dash in westward, and have just one lively tussle with them to cover the crossing of his valuable plunder and prisoners below.
  • The infamous coward who gave up to you this plunder is one of Poulailler's sentinels.
  • So they were willing to worship Wellington because he was very genteel, and could not keep the plunder of the country out of their hands.
  • Be it as it may, to conclude that legal plunder has one of its roots in false philanthropy, is evidently to put intentions out of the question.
  • Towards nightfall they left, loaded with the plunder of the store and of Abraham's house.
  • Among the plunder taken were a lot of horses; strange beasts then to the rude Pawnees, and at which they wondered greatly.
  • Nevertheless the Wyoming slaughter differs only in degree from other scenes of bloodshed and plunder in which Brant took part.
  • Demoralising bribes to the Irish nation frittered away the proceeds of the plunder of the Irish Church.
  • It was a strange hap that laid bare their plunder to the eyes of four descendants of the race which was destined to sweep them and their barbarous methods off the high seas.
  • Very kind were the soldiers to them, and not a few gave-up their search for odd articles of plunder to set-to with hammer and chisel to remove their chains.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Plunder | Plunder Sentence

  • But what plunder did he mean?
  • When the few plunder the many.
  • They will butcher and plunder and burn!
  • When does plunder cease, then?
  • He has piled up plunder till he is reckless.
  • They wanted To plunder the Treasury.
  • Their children had been suffered to roam and plunder the orchards.
  • They feel instinctively that plunder is slurred ever by being generalised.
  • The first orders with respect to plunder were reasonable and sensible enough.
  • This produced a good effect, and much of the plunder was returned.
  • Better plunder than paralysis, better fire and sword than futility.
  • In either case, cattle and land plunder had been his prime object.
  • Now, legal plunder may be exercised in an infinite multitude of ways.
  • Presently it came to his ears that C├Žsar was getting more plunder back.
  • The Indians, in the meantime, had begun to plunder the baggage of the column.
  • For, as they began to plunder the bedroom, Nouka said, "Leave everything.

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