Plundering In A Sentence

Definition of Plundering

present participle of plunder | The act of one who plunders; pillaging or looting; plunder.

How To Use Plundering In A Sentence?

  • For it was always the interest of the majority to put down plundering and disorder.
  • Some of our connoisseurs would have sold their souls for the plundering of that one chamber.
  • He stopped the plundering of farms and the dragging of laborers off to military service.
  • There were wild plundering raids in the summer nights; disorders were multiplied.
  • During her regency the state coffers were pillaged, and plundering was carried on on all sides.
  • After plundering and setting it on fire they went away, leaving the town desolate.
  • The plundering was so thoroughly done that it was poetically termed "going through" a captive!
  • In addition to this their plundering parties continually went among the Georgians.
  • The Persians were mostly encamped without the walls, and plundering was forbidden.
  • But when I found him, he was in the act of plundering the pantry of bread and other things.
  • Further, they are dens of thieves, who are always assaulting and plundering the Indians.
  • I suppose by this time they're at their old game of plundering and slaying on the frontier.
  • His great hairy paws clutched at imaginary riches when he spoke glowingly of the plundering to follow.
  • Anyway, our time was fully occupied in watching the brush-patch that sheltered our plundering friends.
  • In fact, they are engaged quite as much in schemes for plundering each other, as in plundering those who are not of them.
  • While some people pretend a scruple about stealing a sheep, they partly live by plundering of warrens.
  • To his leadership flocked scoundrels of every nation, hoping to enrich themselves by plundering the rebels.
  • But he must accomplish his end by strategy, since he had a wholesome terror of plundering infants by force.
  • Our party gets smaller each time we run or shelter from the machine-guns, which are playing on the plundering parties.
  • The powerful trade-unions are now plundering both the owners of their 'plant,' and the general public.
  • Waves of sinuous shadow went over the ripe hayfields, and plundering bees sang a freebooting lilt in wayside gardens.
  • Beggars and vagabonds wandered about robbing and plundering without regard to party or religion; and social security was entirely at an end.
  • After some hours of plundering the distant tumult died away, and instead of it could be heard approaching a sound of loud wrangling.
  • The fleet remained here three days, negotiating for the ransom of the prisoners, and plundering the fish-tanks and gardens.
  • At the beginning of the campaign Gordon had promised his men that they should have their pay regularly instead of plundering the places they took.
  • She enlarged, by the plundering of diverse fragments of the funeral sermon, upon his worth and importance as a man and a citizen of the town.
  • These events are followed by another reign of terror, the plundering of churches and a war with Spain.
  • After plundering the country for four leagues, they returned with fifty prisoners, a drove of cattle, and 4000 crowns.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Plundering | Plundering Sentence

  • The drums called the plundering anabaptists together.
  • Their plundering had gone only as far as liquor and arms.
  • Now, the plan of plundering each other produces nothing.
  • The Indians then were plundering the wagons.
  • While they were plundering the wagons and the loads we would get away.
  • In raiding and plundering be like fire, in immovability like a mountain.
  • The object was quick profit, and plundering was the easiest way to attain it.
  • They sailed off the coast, plundering & burning wheresoever they went.
  • In order to get a pretext for plundering the Jew, he sent for him.
  • The Namaquas live by plundering their neighbours, the Damaras.
  • They sail upon a plundering scheme, They march, to give you sword and flame.
  • If Patrick died through this plundering raid, how should he ever face Lily?

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