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  • They sought to ply me with questions.
  • And ply their trade with smile and glance.
  • But still they ply their art in vain.
  • Has room enough to ply his trade.
  • Nine times a-day omnibuses ply there.
  • Abraham, pray and ply your paddle!
  • No excursion steamers ply those awesome river reaches.
  • To ply thee, less in vain?
  • I pray to God and ply my paddle.
  • Did not Socrates ply his book in the public concourse?
  • Now, overseer, strokesman, all, ply your oars!
  • Omnibuses ply between the Gardens and Norwich every hour.
  • From one end of the room to the other they ply their coarse wooden brooms.
  • Every high sea is a war area where he can ply his wanton trade.
  • Then certainly it was not enjoyable to ply one's needle.
  • They ply him with coffee till he grows calmer, and asks what it all means.
  • The steersman in bow and stern ply and bend their great seven-foot paddles.
  • I urged them to ply their axes, cut down trees, and blockade the path.
  • These ply in various directions, taking passengers chiefly, but also goods.
  • In that district of town, cabs do not ply in numbers on Sunday morning.
  • Our sharp spears, if we ply them well, Will drive them out with speed.
  • Cheerly ply thy dripping oar, And haste away to the elfin shore!
  • Cheerly ply thy dripping oar, And haste away to the elfin shore.
  • It took a stout seaman in those days to ply his calling in the Caribbean Gulf.
  • This Pennsylvania Packet continued to ply the Delaware for about three years.
  • And, like the Porcupine, I still Am forced to ply a fretful quill.

How To Use Ply In A Sentence?

  • The police were astounded by his coolness, and continued to ply him with questions.
  • You might ply the powers of the greatest telescope in a vain attempt to exhaust its wealth.
  • We sat on the kegs to keep them from jumping out, as we urged the driver to ply the whip.
  • I am sorry for these poor creatures, obliged to ply such a profession to earn their bread.
  • The hand-weaver is threatened with extinction, and the brass-worker can no longer ply his craft.
  • There are many schooners that ply to and fro on the pond, and pilot-boats, all perfectly rigged.
  • Gipsies ply their trade with profit, and "wise women" and witches are by no means extinct.
  • Neither thy boughs nor locks they are, but wings That thou wouldst ply with gentle flutterings!
  • Should I invite my cousin Selwyn to dinner, ply him with wine, and exact promises?
  • A large export trade to India has grown up, but Indian hand-loom weavers still ply their craft.
  • The neighbors continued to speculate and to ply Mrs. Stuvic with questions concerning Milford.
  • We ply him at the stations with cigarettes and chocolate, and he now falls over himself in his anxiety to please us.
  • The men and women who ply this trade lay their plans more carefully and employ more artifices than can be conceived of by the ordinary parent.
  • But in spite of all he did not pull leather, he did not cease to ply spur and quirt, and he was not thrown.

Definition of Ply

(transitive) To work at (something) diligently. | (transitive) To wield or use (a tool, a weapon, etc.) steadily or vigorously. | (transitive) To press upon; to urge persistently.
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