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  • And this is why fish poachers have always swarmed.
  • The poachers hold about 2,000 lbs.
  • The older fish poachers rarely go in for poisoning.
  • Six keepers came on five poachers one moonlight night.
  • That is the evil plant with which the poachers kill the salmon.
  • Here the poachers are more skilled in woodcraft, and are rarely surprised.
  • The peasant was forbidden to carry a gun, and poachers were shot down.
  • Most country poachers begin by loving Nature and end by hating the Game Laws.

How To Use Poachers In A Sentence?

  • I watched her for a little while until one of the poachers ran up with a stick.
  • Game-keepers sometimes try to outwit poachers by a device which is now of old standing.
  • There are various reasons why poachers prefer white ferrets to the polecat variety.
  • It is only poachers of the old school that are careful to observe close times, and they do their work mostly in summer.
  • Next morning, however, the two poachers ventured to the spot where they had heard the supernatural voices.
  • It struck him that perhaps the poachers had used the girl to coax information out of a young groom or keeper, and that she was now warning them.
  • From these facts, and the great uncertainty of ferreting, it will be understood why poachers can afford to use only the best animals.
  • The poachers were netting the Culmeny partridges, and Dane promised to assist his comrade in an attempt to capture them.
  • As in a dream he heard his rescuers explain that they had been out in search of poachers and had rounded the bend below in time to behold him struggling for his life.
  • His horse blundered at a brook and the rider was impaled on a hidden stake, placed in the stream by his own orders to prevent poachers from netting trout.
  • There are few fish poachers who in their time have not been anglers; and anglers are of two kinds: there are those who fish fair, and those who fish foul.
  • His occupation made him suspicious and watchful; he was the terror of poachers and evil-doers among the game, and had tracked many notorious men down.
  • The appetite for such grew, and night after night the cord was let down, and these two amateur poachers would sally forth upon their lawless but entrancing errand.
  • The poachers had been getting the worst of it all through; they were so hemmed in in the narrow way that their numbers helped them but little; indeed, some in the centre of the crowd never struck a blow.

Definition of Poachers

plural of poacher
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