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  • Beside this bird of awful poesy stood a gray goose of very ordinary aspect.
  • The flowers of poesy are sweet, but poverty is a barren soil, my child.
  • Tis worse--add grief to care, And Poesy fares worse.

How To Use Poesy In A Sentence?

  • Then they disappeared again in the waste and gloom from which love and poesy had evoked them.
  • The poesy of this young lord belongs to the class which neither gods nor men are said to permit.
  • Into the ear of the little one, music, that poesy of the air, had never yet entered.
  • She found that the country rock of his reserve hid unsuspected veins of tenderness, of poesy and of melancholy.
  • He who specialises in this class of literature may be either a student of English poesy or a lover of prosody.
  • Yet the combined poesy of Heine and Schumann triumphed gloriously over the inadequacy of the execution.
  • Dress, that splendid poesy of the feminine life, unknown or exhausted by her, appeared to her eyes endowed with a magic hitherto unperceived.
  • And Poesy is a thrifty oracle with no words to waste upon the deaf, however loudly her interpreter cry out to her.
  • All the flowery poesy of the streets of Paris lay there, on that muddy pavement, amidst mountains of food.
  • Yet out of sorrow all that is noblest and highest in poesy and art has arisen; and all that is noblest in life has been achieved by the sorrow-stricken.
  • My soul shall drink its radiance; it shall be diffused throughout my intellectual powers and gleam brightly in every line of poesy that I indite.
  • I saw a wondrous light around their summits, and was lured by the faith of poesy to be the latest pilgrim of the Great Carbuncle.
  • Perhaps religion to her was more a matter of sensations and feelings than of the mind; perhaps more a question of art, poesy and comforting illusion than of thought.

Definition of Poesy

A poem. [from 14th c.] | (archaic) The class of literature comprising poems; poetry, verse. [from 14th c.]
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