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  • Few poets have the courage to be just what they are.
  • One that the poets never dreamed.
  • The greatest poets allow themselves rest.
  • Some poets discarded all idea of form.
  • The poets were still the leaders of national patriotism.
  • May poets never cease to sing for Wales!
  • The Poets of Wales viii.
  • But it is much more probable that the poets have failed the managers.
  • Its poets and historians had to exalt what we ought to despise.
  • The day of poets is gone, otherwise she would have been sung in cantos.
  • If it is true that poets are born, not made, it is equally so of poachers.
  • What American poets express a similar need of nearness to nature?
  • It now at least must be confessed, That poets sometimes are sincere.
  • Are we to take all that enamored poets sing for truth? SONNET.

How To Use Poets In A Sentence?

  • Their poets by simple force of mind equalized themselves with the accumulated science of ours.
  • He was a judicious discoverer, and he did not turn all his minor poets into major prophets.
  • All this delay was produced by doubt, which the poets truly declare to be the father of delay.
  • No one of our poets is simpler or purer, or writes so lovingly of birds and flowers.
  • The poets of two Continents have lain their garlands of song at her little feet.
  • The Greek poets did not hesitate to let loose their petulant wit on their deities also.
  • I had made up my mind how to behave; the poets I had read had taught me but too well.
  • Many poets may inspire as high an admiration as Schiller; few so tender a personal affection.
  • Comprised of poems written in his memory by three poets contemporary to Rupert Brooke.
  • There were some in Kerry, some in Clare, where a very remarkable group of poets sprang up.
  • Thus did the Vedic poets (according to Gubernatis) descend from the unconditioned to the byre.
  • All the New England poets felt the charm of falling snow, and several have written on the theme.
  • Very few poets of any time have been able to capture and hold the generation immediately succeeding.
  • Descendants of literary clans, historians and poets and scribes were to be found in farmhouses, working at the plough and spade.
  • He was a poet in paint to a far greater degree than the so-called poets of the Eartham set were in words.
  • At such a time, when cold inspires life, one can understand why the old poets and mystics believed that there was fire in ice.
  • The court poets about the year 1700 work more in a negative way, i. e., by that which they did not express in their verses.
  • The religion of the early English poets is anomalous, so devout and so blasphemous, in the same breath.
  • Other poets saw the relation between their own lives and the life of the flowers and the birds, but Bryant constantly expressed this relationship.
  • Their fate sent them to serve in India, which is not a golden country, though poets have sung otherwise.
  • Mezrimbi was considered one of the best poets in Souffra; in fact, he had every talent, but not one virtue.
  • Chaucer wrote by quantity, just as Homer did before him, just as Goethe did after him, just as all poets must.
  • The hundreds of letters from readers and poets suggesting additions or corrections as well as the columns of reviews of the first edition have been considered.
  • On the other hand, he made a stronger impression upon, and gave more happiness to, the intellectual classes than any of our poets since Klopstock.
  • I wondered that none of the poets of the day, in their researches after ruffian heroes, had ever thought of Jack Straw.
  • The best office of the best poets has been to show how low and uninspired was their general style, and that only once or twice they have struck the high chord.

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plural of poet
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