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  • Somehow its poignant sweetness hurt.
  • How acute and poignant was her sense of loss.
  • Ah, tingling shame and poignant pain!
  • He only remembered her with a feeling of poignant bitterness.
  • Foreign missions will have a new and poignant meaning for all the world.
  • I have a poignant recollection of the hour it took us to reach the house.
  • Her eyes sought his with a poignant glance; and she paled again.
  • It was like returning to an empty home after a journey of poignant romance.
  • Yet even her sadness held a strange, poignant element of bliss.
  • The next scene is close to comedy, though comedy of a poignant kind.
  • Lord Ronsdale's accents were poignant and sharp.
  • It was a flash of poignant memory of the old days at Stowey.
  • Any personal pain--the more poignant the more welcome!
  • The little girl's grief was scarcely less poignant than his own.
  • Yussuf Dakmar's emotions were poignant and mixed, but he was no quitter.

How To Use Poignant In A Sentence?

  • He had found them too poignant in their picturesque drama to be paraphrased or forgotten.
  • He could not know that his kindness was to her more poignant torment than his bitterest reproach.
  • Our venerable mothers are borne down with poignant grief at the fate of their children.
  • There was something so poignant and forceful in her words that they hurt, stung like a whip-lash.
  • There was something quite fresh and poignant in the delight I took in her imperfect movements.
  • And he felt, with a poignant sense of alarm, that Jesus Christ would condemn what he had done.
  • Swift, sure And poignant as the dagger to the mark, Your will is burning ever; it is pure.
  • Surely there is something strangely poignant about the convinced and steadfast martyrdom and self-sacrifice of both sides.
  • To many how poignant must be the reflection that the trust they are about to resign might have been better administered!
  • Never was the sweet dream of his childhood days more poignant than in just this period of dissolute play-acting and vain exhibitionism.
  • Then the pride of a regal birthright came to his aid, and a species of most vivid and poignant consciousness succeeded.
  • And having been taken into them, and they being a thousand times more poignant than any earthly experience, how could we forget them?
  • Although no voices came to me, yet my heart was penetrated by a conviction so deep and poignant that to doubt would have been impossible.
  • Our anguish is all the more poignant in that they are at this moment fighting in the most ancient and most precious portion of Flanders.
  • His wonder is not all a glad reverence; it is sometimes, and increasingly, a poignant questioning of the sibyls.
  • It is a strange thing, if a man covers his face, and speaks with his eyes blinded, how significant and poignant he becomes.
  • For the past was thus hallowed by Branwell, because in it lay his earliest affections, and his most poignant sorrows.
  • Beethoven: here is no pose, no mere tone-weaving, but the precise and most poignant expression of the logical course taken by the human passions.
  • Here the gaunt cliffs rise to great wild gardens, draped with soft rose and poignant red amid drowsy undertones of gray and green and gold.
  • I shall not easily forget his little monologue, every word of which I remember for a very sad and poignant reason.
  • Turning to the mirror she gazed back at her vivid face, with the large deep eyes, so full of poignant expectancy, and the soft dimpled chin.
  • The grief of Yezeed was so poignant that he would not quit the corpse, but continued to kiss and fondle it, until it became corrupt.
  • Poor Clayton-Vane's case is one of the most poignant peace tragedies that have come to my notice.
  • Considering the sensitive and pious disposition of the average Irishman, such ostracism was even more poignant than it would be to an Englishman.
  • I am deeply thankful to you for sending me this letter, which revives all sorts of poignant memories and makes her live again in all her lightness and freedom.

Definition of Poignant

(obsolete, of a weapon etc) Sharp-pointed; keen. | Incisive; penetrating. | Neat; eloquent; applicable; relevant.
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