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  • Everything depends on the point of view you take.
  • From this point the interest of the cruise increases.
  • This was not the point of view she could sympathize with.
  • At last they reached a point where the road divided.
  • We drove them into Peckwater at the point of the bayonet.
  • After considerable debate my point was conceded and the thanks left out.
  • At no point must these pipes cross each other or go outside the walls.
  • The same thing may be clearly seen from another point of view.
  • The Turning Point 186 XIV.

How To Use Point In A Sentence?

  • Frank made it a point to interview several owners of concessions along the beach.
  • The second scheme of fatalism rises above the first in point of dignity and purity of character.
  • It is to retire from the arena of logic, and fall back on the very point in dispute for support.
  • Up to this point Gray had not even wondered at his lateness; he had only felt annoyed at it.
  • Thou art the source and centre of all minds, Their only point of rest, eternal Word!
  • Nor does the celebrated passage of the eighth chapter of the same epistle touch the point in controversy.
  • Tea that is served up at a temperature of forty degrees below the normal boiling point can never be very nice.
  • This point has been already indirectly considered, but it is worthy of a more direct and complete examination.
  • Elinor, you've made me tremendously happy by sticking to the point like you did.
  • He rode on until he reached the point where the valley ended, and the land began to shelve upwards before him.
  • Wading thus in the bed of the stream, they reached a point where the bright arcade began to grow dark.
  • For aught we can see, our notions on this point would remain as dim and feeble as if we possessed no such knowledge.
  • As we are rational beings, so we are not tied down to that appearance of things which is presented to one particular point of view.
  • At every point of any importance along the line of our advance, this or a similar cavalcade would come hurrying up.
  • If we set out from this point of view, it will be found exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to tell when and where to stop.
  • We must look out for some other meaning of the term, then, if we would clearly and distinctly fix our minds on the point in controversy.
  • From this point a chair carried by six coolies is required for the steep road, formed by hundreds of moss-grown steps.
  • She held her dart with a reversed grasp, point downwards, and drew tight her horse's reins.
  • Here the precise point in dispute is clearly presented; and let us hear the contending parties, before we proceed to decide between them.
  • This was the weak point in the philosophy of Pelagius, as it has been in the system of thousands who have lived since his time.
  • And indeed they could see that the snow-slip, now grown colossal, was making for a projecting point of rock which was dwarf-like in comparison.
  • Indeed, this point is hurried over by Edwards in a most hasty and superficial manner, in which he seems conscious of no little embarrassment.
  • What, then, in reference to the point in question, is the difference between the Arminian and the Calvinist?
  • But lest we should be suspected of doing this great metaphysician injustice, we must point out the means by which he has so grossly deceived himself.
  • It is to assume that the established method is the best, and therefore should not have been superseded by another; but this is the very point in dispute.
  • As we have already seen from another point of view, we must come out from his theology if we would see the harmony and agreement between these beliefs.
  • My nephew has told me enough about your business plans to convince me that you are at a critical point in your career, where a little capital may be everything to you.
  • Native ideas recognise this terror-haunted landscape as the point where Times touches Eternity, and natural forces blend with occult influences.
  • This is the point on which we need to be enlightened, in order to clear up the difficulty in question; and on this point the most satisfactory light may be attained.
  • In the above passage, Leibnitz, with even more point than Hartley, denies that our consciousness is in favour of free-agency.
  • Whatever Hicks had failed in, I made it a point to succeed in, let the cost be what it might, physically or morally.

Definition of Point

(intransitive) To extend the index finger in the direction of something in order to show where it is or to draw attention to it. | (intransitive) To draw attention to something or indicate a direction. | (intransitive) To face in a particular direction.
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