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  • He was pointing at the house.
  • The clock was pointing at a quarter to five.
  • I asked, pointing at the exhibit air-car.
  • I observed them talking to one another, and pointing at me.
  • Von Salzinger was pointing at a lesser portrait.
  • He lurched toward us, pointing at Lili.
  • She wasn't pointing at you.
  • It must be a centipede on my shoulder that you are pointing at.
  • Their application is in most cases productive of pointing at the coronet.
  • He made the rocks open suddenly by pointing at them with the iron.
  • He held out his hand, pointing at me with a trembling finger.
  • The black circle of every muzzle on the crest seemed to be pointing at him.
  • He held it at a hip, the muzzle pointing at the stomach of the other.
  • I put a question to my mother, pointing at one of the gardeners.
  • The man pushed him backwards with one foot, always pointing at the door.
  • The woman, sitting by her husband, had been pointing at us and talking to him.
  • At last I decided that it must be the row boat he was pointing at.
  • Orren laughed at Boyce, pointing at him, at the same instant.
  • Turning round, I saw a Belgian soldier, with his rifle pointing at me.
  • This man," roars the abbot, pointing at Khorre, "thinks that he is an atheist.
  • Bill Bryant was pointing at the great pine marking Rocky Springs.
  • And there is that constant forefinger pointing--at what?
  • Pointing at her had been that spectre--Want!
  • I pulled up, and, pointing at the thief, bawled out, 'Stop that man!

How To Use Pointing At In A Sentence?

  • She was pointing at a stone obelisk, looking at which her father smiled and raised his hat.
  • He could not believe his eyes when he came downstairs and saw the clock hands pointing at twelve.
  • He asked them questions rapidly in the native tongue, and they answered, pointing at me.
  • They reported a broken column nearly ten miles long with its head pointing at Peruwelz.
  • He flung out one hand passionately, pointing at the miniature on the mantel behind Radwalader.
  • He stood pointing at her, his jaw trembling as if the intensity of his passion had palsied his tongue.
  • It was rather a series of parables and symbols pointing at all times to the path that led to a finer and nobler life.
  • I remember the well-sweep was in the usual position, and seemed to me like a warning finger pointing at the bleaching rafters.
  • Here is positive proof," he said, taking a letter from his pocket and pointing at the bottom.
  • The Egret and her light had disappeared round a bend and the negro was pointing at the empty moonlit river.
  • The room seemed to her wild imagination to be full of the spirits of parsons and social workers with flaming swords, pointing at the door.
  • It was the work of a moment, and as he turned about his right hand was gripping the butt of a revolver, ready and pointing at the door.
  • He was pointing at a shriveled old woman who, with bony fingers, was clawing the horse manure that had been pitched out of a car.
  • They pester travellers, jeering, quizzing, and pointing at them on the road and in camp intrusively forcing their way into the tents.
  • I now felt that I could walk in a bar and have a drink without wondering whether all the other people in the place were pointing at me.
  • Similarly, if it be true that God made all things, that grave fact can be asserted by pointing at a star or by waving an umbrella.
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