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  • His poise was admirable.
  • Her poise and adaptability were startling.
  • The lean and poise of gravitable land.
  • The poise and brain gave way.
  • Collie noted this unusual alertness of poise and wondered.
  • Renwick quickly recovered his poise and went on a few steps.
  • Once more his bearing was the very essence of perfect poise and self-control.
  • They neglect the poise of the earth, and the sentiments she has decreed.
  • We need, in short, more poise and self-control in our way of speaking.
  • Winthrop was not a little like his sister Anne in poise and coloring.
  • But according to Letty he was something superhuman in poise and charm.
  • This, I say, is absolutely necessary for a poise amongst ourselves.
  • What head could keep its poise and plan, With the heart in palpitation?
  • There is a poise which comes only with hard-bought knowledge of one's self.

How To Use Poise In A Sentence?

  • An encounter in which she could not find her poise was as new as it was bewildering to her.
  • The salesman should resolve not to lose his poise and agreeableness under any circumstances.
  • Gone was the arrogant poise of the head which for forty years had dominated boards of directors.
  • She did none of the dismayedly enlightening things into which a lesser poise might have tottered.
  • What better joke than to poise an insolent fellow barefoot upon a pointed stake?
  • That her mind had found its old poise but with an utterly new view-point of life.
  • No balance, turning to 1/1000 of a grain, is more delicate than the poise of forces on the world.
  • Across the hand that steadied her drinking glass, she studied the poise of his lean, firm wrist.
  • The long line of mowers, The poise of the scythes And their sweep through the sunshine.
  • Life was the poise of infinity, and I knew of no horizon, for I could look down upon the dawn.
  • In its stead was an inexplicable but positive quality of masterfulness, apparent in poise and manner.
  • It had occurred to him in that one brief moment of contact that she had the air, the poise of a true aristocrat.
  • Hurriedly, because for the moment her poise had fled from her and she knew that he must note the high colour in her cheeks.
  • Huntington made him feel as much at home as was possible for one whose mental poise was so sadly disordered.
  • There was power in the poise of her head and in the rhythmic swaying of her body, but her playing was curiously unfeminine.
  • The simplicity that had nothing to feign or conceal; the poise of manner that came from an established heart and conscience.
  • His was the seat of a horseman whose poise is the poise of perfect balance rather than the set attitude of the riding school.
  • How few people we meet in life who are well balanced, who have that exquisite poise which is characteristic of the finished character!
  • Her poise had an inexplicable suggestion of royal courage, as though she were battling for more than her lips could utter.
  • That exquisite poise of character, which we call serenity is the last lesson of culture, the fruitage of the soul.
  • From heights, where the car seemed to poise like a bird in mid-air, one saw the tranquil blue of the sea.
  • Against the empty background he recognized the poise of her head, the firm but delicate walk, the slender, swaying figure.
  • Mrs. Foss, not finding the right adjective for his mixture of poise and humanity, was content to call him charming.
  • Michael had recovered his poise as soon as she no longer faced him, though he was profoundly conscious of her presence there on the other side of her father.
  • Then she recalled the perfect form of Gerald, his athletic walk, the poise of his shoulders, his arms stretched forward to receive her.
  • In his seat in the saddle, in the poise of his head and the play of his hand on the reins Bill Gregg recognized a boundless nervous force.

Definition of Poise

(obsolete) To hang in equilibrium; to be balanced or suspended; hence, to be in suspense or doubt. | (obsolete) To counterpoise; to counterbalance. | (obsolete) To be of a given weight; to weigh. [14th-17th c.]
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