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  • I had the poison completely out of you.
  • It is slow poison that kills love most surely.
  • Hana would poison Iwa through this treacherous leech.
  • No snake am I, That poison those I love.
  • The thought's poison to me.
  • XLV Of the Poison mingled in the Wine.
  • We were at war in our purposes before we fought with poison in our hands.
  • To poison a person or a party of persons with the sacramental wine.
  • Well, she could take poison or throw herself into the harbour.
  • The poison of this work consists, not in its argument, but in its ridicule.
  • Next week a shark got him; took his arm off and blood poison did the business.
  • But whispering tongues can poison truth: And constancy lives in realms above.

How To Use Poison In A Sentence?

  • The colour is due to the poison circulating between the body and the outer skin.
  • Every drop he drank was so much poison to him with that mocking laugh ringing in his ears.
  • Gerome is all for applying a blister, which he says will "bring the poison out"!
  • Since the poison has been quaffed; as serpent, as demon, none shall be my equal.
  • And so much hidden poison lies therein Which scarce can you discern from medicine.
  • Within our hearts no selfish poison leave, For thou the heavenly antidote canst win.
  • He charged, also, that Congress had taken great pains to poison their constituents against him.
  • Among the cordials, that, if quaffed, Will send swift poison through his veins.
  • There it was that the Ui-Lilaigh gave the poison to Patrick in the lumps of curds.
  • With regard to Miss Cheffington, I have no doubt you will endeavour to poison her mind against me.
  • It's poison like all of these modern sprays, but it isn't as dangerous as Parathion. MR.
  • The insidious poison that was destroying him spread still further with a swift rush at that suggestion.
  • Harboro had admitted a drop of poison to his veins and it was rapidly spreading to every fibre of his being.
  • He found that the tubercular poison might be treated in the same manner as the poison of other infectious diseases.
  • Whilst in the pass the poison began to take effect, and they realized that they had been poisoned.
  • The use of poison in destroying insects is now the one most generally and successfully employed by farmers and fruit growers.
  • Ground up with flour and water or similar substances, it is often used as a poison for rats and other vermin.
  • If we do not attend scrupulously to all these, the medicine of to-day becomes the poison of to-morrow.
  • He was sentenced to have his skin peeled off; and to eat his own words, until he died from the virulent poison which they contained.
  • What he had hitherto considered poison these people ate as good food, and all the things to which he had been accustomed as food they rejected.
  • Could he have known what Wickersham had done to poison her against him, he would have been yet more enraged.
  • But he consoled himself as men do in the circumstances, and did not allow his mistakes to poison all his life, or cause him any special worry.
  • Those who had advocated the use of kid gloves against an enemy which fought with brass knuckles and poison found their views sensibly less popular.
  • They're too tricky to catch in traps or shoot, so we poison 'em by putting a white powder in some meat.
  • It was shown, in a word, that by the simple process of inoculating well animals with the modified poison the infectious disease might be avoided.
  • Well do I remember (for it rankled like poison in my swelling heart) a declaration he once made in my presence.
  • Isolda finds life intolerable without it, without love; her love a second time betrays her; and she seizes the poison and drinks also.
  • It was as if Professor Moorsom had dropped poison in his ear which was spreading now and tainting his passion, his very jealousy.

Definition of Poison

(transitive) To use poison to kill or paralyse somebody | (transitive) To pollute; to cause some part of the environment to become poisonous | (transitive) To cause something to become much worse
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