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  • They laughed and poked fun at me.
  • Courtlandt poked at the gravel with his cane.
  • Ivan poked his head out and looked around.
  • The athletic director poked his head in.
  • Judy poked a stick into the centre of the fire.
  • He poked and replenished it after lighting the gas.
  • She poked a little hole in the straw wrapping.
  • At the sound the girls poked their heads out of the window.
  • The fourth man poked among the packs.
  • His gun poked me in the back to expedite my exit.
  • We poked fun at Penton.
  • So saying, he poked his great black nose into the nest.
  • Mrs. Beale poked the tiny mite with an expert finger.
  • Overland smiled as he poked a smouldering corner of blanket into the fire.
  • A neighbour, who poked her head in, asked if she were moving.
  • I jus' poked him, nen he flied up and bit me.
  • And he poked backwards with the sharp metallic point of the stick....
  • Mrs Yabsley turned and poked the fire under the copper boiler.
  • At this juncture the big Cossack poked his head from beneath the rock.
  • He pulled out an old bag and poked it into Keith's hand.
  • A moment later the door swung inward, and Jones poked his head out.
  • We poked along slowly at first, for I was still a bit dizzy from that blow.

How To Use Poked In A Sentence?

  • I see they have swept up the small litter from the floor and poked it under the grate.
  • Peter poked his way up forward to the solitary lookout in the peak and glanced overside.
  • Next he poked the magazine full of cartridges, and so tramped off down the mountain side.
  • Gypsy, who had sauntered up to the summerhouse door, poked in an inquisitive nose.
  • I nearly got away, but as my head poked up under his arm the girl caught hold of it.
  • I could scarcely eat or sleep, and grew so thin that the bones nearly poked through my pelt.
  • At that moment Tom poked his head in the door indicating that some one was approaching.
  • One of the hunters poked Boyce in the ribs with the end of his club and Lloyd watched.
  • Chester poked his head out to see if he could pick the man off and as he did so his cap leaped from his head.
  • Amongst the noses poked through the wires of the cage, we remarked several belonging to children of the mobility.
  • For about an hour, he poked around the newly assembled apparatus, checking the wiring, and peering into it.
  • The enraged monster then poked his head against the poles, and the tent fell upon its terrified inmates, and embraced them in its folds.
  • Nippers looked up at me, with a hunk of beef sticking from his mouth, which he poked in with the butt-end of his knife....
  • And Canary poked his nose under the old jacket and sniffed in sympathy, as the broken lining tickled him.
  • The Jackal was so hungry that when he saw this he poked his paw into the water to try to catch the crab, when snap!
  • She took it, and was down the slope with a light spring, while the Captain poked the muzzle of his musket through the leaves.
  • Even his friends, to say nothing of Louisa, occasionally poked fun at him for chronicling so minutely all his thoughts.
  • He stared at us in ludicrous horror for a moment or two, and then, snatching off his wig, beard and spectacles, poked them into a cupboard.

Definition of Poked

simple past tense and past participle of poke
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