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How To Use Poland In A Sentence?

  • The agony of Poland was not regarded by him as merited for any crimes in the past.
  • I do not believe there are many mansions in Poland surpassing ours in magnificence.
  • To him nothing was worth the Poland that he had left as an obscure and disappointed youth.
  • Nothing preserved Poland in existence, but the jealousies of surrounding powers.
  • Her description of Poland during the last hundred years is full of pathos and power.
  • Bavaria was his faithful subordinate, and Poland still hoped everything from his successes.
  • This diplomatic device failed even in a far more thorough form in Poland over a century ago.
  • An incalculable Poland cannot be and will not be tolerated by the rest of Europe.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Poland | Poland Sentence

  • Devoted Poland has attempted it.
  • Captain Poland saved me.
  • The fall of Poland was ignominious.
  • The condition of Poland was by now lamentable.
  • The third division of Poland was complete.
  • Captain Poland was interrupted by a ring at the door.
  • Let Poland recognize in your devotion her faithful sons.
  • They lighted fires in Poland to honour his patriotism.
  • Stanislaus was reigning, and Poland was free.
  • At this period Poland was in a state of great confusion.
  • Mrs. Poland was almost helpless from nervous prostration.
  • Apply Poland starch, by rubbing it on thick with a cloth.
  • I saw Poland Street written up.
  • On the Pruth and in Poland the situation is unchanged.
  • She made peace with Poland and China.
  • Active service for Poland was thus closed to Kosciuszko.
  • I shall list Captain Poland as a remote possibility.
  • The German offensive in Poland was checked a month ago.
  • The King of Poland is removable every day by the diet.
  • Between England for example, and Poland or the Ukraine?
  • An Historical Romance of Poland and Germany.
  • An Historical Novel of Poland and Russia.
  • Printed by Schulze and Co., 13, Poland Street.
  • Against Poland (Hamlet, IV, 4).
  • The stifling of the insurrection in Poland strengthened the reactionary party.
  • In the fourteenth century Poland had risen to her greatest power.
  • I confess, the dismemberment of Poland did not affect me much.
  • What took place lately in Poland is cited as a case in point.
  • Mrs. Poland is so utterly prostrated that it might cost her life to move her.
  • This last fragment of Poland shall not fall without making a valiant stand.
  • In Poland there was the same kind of warfare as on the Bzura.
  • Otherwise the situation on the lower San and in Poland is unchanged.
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