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  • Thompson politely restored it.
  • Hobbs was politely unimpressed.
  • I bowed politely to him as he came in.
  • Canby raised a politely surprised eyebrow.
  • They very politely invited us to join them.
  • My friend told me this as politely as his temper allowed.
  • He looked surprised, but very politely handed me a chair.
  • The young man indicated politely that such was his intention.
  • Emily appeared politely surprised by her friend's arrival.
  • The mate edged politely away, leaving his skipper to face his trouble.
  • With pleasure,' he answered, politely handing me the book.
  • When I came up he arose and took off his cap, very politely for a Yankee too.
  • Psmith turned his gaze politely in the housemaster's direction.

How To Use Politely In A Sentence?

  • Winthrop politely but firmly declined to acknowledge that he had had a companion.
  • They excused themselves politely for being unable to postpone the little transaction.
  • They were treated very politely and shown every department from sleeping quarters to gun-deck.
  • He must have been glad to be rid of me, but he politely insisted on showing me to the gate.
  • The pity is that our brains have a way of 'wandering,' as it is politely called.
  • I asked Paul to take part in some of the dances, and he very politely but decidedly refused.
  • On a shelf a few books; one midshipman politely invites us to walk in; another sits writing.
  • Beyond yes and no and politely expressed thanks, Brud spoke not at all, and Sister only once.
  • Next morning a committee waited on Mr. Wickersham, who received the men politely but coldly.
  • I knocked, but Mr. Dunkswell, politely but in rather muddled tones, requested me to wait a moment.
  • He thought some were politely leaving him, while others seemed desirous of continuing his acquaintance.
  • My sincere effort politely to avoid society seems only to have resulted in precipitating a shower of invitations upon me.
  • She was to give a private exhibition to her friends the next day at twelve, and he offered politely to introduce me.
  • We were stopped at the frontier, and accommodatingly rose while the custom-officers politely looked under the carriage-seats.
  • She looked at him intelligently, politely curious, and no longer with the baby eyes that wondered at nothing.
  • The boy pulled off his cap, gave them good-day, and asked politely if they had not seen a gentleman in the neighbourhood.
  • And having politely accepted his sixpence, the griddler went his way, tinkling his bell, along the road.
  • Elise, after regarding the curious article a moment, decided it would be no addition to her toilet, and politely declined it.
  • Here a spirited conversation followed betwixt the two in French, and they politely bowed, and left me.
  • To this Kosciuszko politely replied, declining to take any share in a public honour which it was against every dictate of his nature to accept.
  • They had spared my life because the old Frenchman politely averred that I had made my crew spare his.
  • Supposing that his question was a way of politely desiring news of Miss Madison, she went on to talk of her.
  • He politely raised his hat and said: 'I will forgive you, dear friend, on one condition.
  • The Senior politely took the hint, and repeating his courteous salute, withdrew from our presence, accompanied by his followers.
  • I politely request that you will hand over to Herr Oliva the sum of 300 florins, which has no doubt already been received by you in full.
  • Cosmo waved his hand in greeting to the President, who remained in the boat, and politely lifted his tall, but sadly battered hat in response.

Definition of Politely

in a polite manner
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