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How To Use Political In A Sentence?

  • For a moment the political possibilities of his presence faded away from her mind.
  • A little while ago we were talking about his personal peculiarities and his political offences.
  • I got to feel over there that these political issues were merely local and temporary.
  • Why should political work always rot down to personalities and personal appeals in this way?
  • He was a particularly neat controversialist, and very full of political and sociological ideas.
  • What has failed, what does fail, is the political policy and administration of the Government.
  • Independent thought has made Germany great in science, in political economy, in economics.
  • It was of tin, and had stamped on it a comprehensive lesson in both political and physical geography.
  • She showed them her father during a political campaign, addressing his constituency under the handicap of a cold in the head.
  • He believed the institution to be a moral and political evil, and more hurtful to the white than to the black man.
  • To escort our military or political betters to the city on a state visit was another mild form of entertainment.
  • From the people comes political support or opposition; from the public comes artistic appreciation or commercial patronage.
  • His followers believed in him; his opponents distrusted him; but was this not true of every political leader since the beginning of politics?
  • He would not own slaves, and disbelieved in slavery, but he also utterly disapproved of the actions of the political abolitionists of the day.
  • I put up for the Reform, not so much for the use of the club as a sign of serious and substantial political standing.
  • The idol momentarily set up, often for political reasons, crumbles in time into the dust from which its limbs were perhaps originally moulded.
  • As we felt our feet, I developed slowly and carefully a broadly conceived and consistent political attitude.
  • These were the thoughts which were discussed by Teuton political seers as something more than things which Germany merely desired and hoped for.
  • Whichever parties, in the heat of political differences, may have turned against me, I now forgive from the depths of my heart.
  • I am far from blaming, as many have blamed, the political and civic activity to which Virchow has indefatigably devoted his best powers.
  • By 1908 I had already arrived at a point where I could be definitely considering a transfer of my political allegiance.
  • The light that Corinna had kindled illumined not a political career, but the small vivid image of Patty.
  • At this he glanced at her sharply, and then looked away over the tops of the trees to the political mausoleum of the City Hall.
  • So much for the military and political situation, which even the Truth-Hiders begin to see in its true colors.
  • I have read a few books, and I can talk as well as any political parrot of the lot when I get started.
  • Since our marriage she had read a number of political memoirs, and she had been particularly impressed by the career of Mrs. Gladstone.
  • In political matters during this time Napoleon was acting less as a servant of the French Directory than as an independent ruler.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Political | Political Sentence

  • The political position was chaotic.
  • You know my political ambitions.
  • I was to supply with a political voice.
  • Of them is the large family of political phrases.
  • The political coat has many colours.
  • Of all bullies, your political bully is the worst.
  • It is, indeed, his principal political asset.
  • She constituted herself the dragoman of our political travels.
  • He brought political art to the last triumph of naturalness.
  • But independent thought is never turned towards her political destinies.
  • I have no quarrel on political grounds with the Suffragettes.
  • In those days it was disguised in the cloak of Political Economy.
  • A political worker can't always be in time for meals, can she?

Definition of Political

Concerning or relating to politics, the art and process of governing. | Concerning a polity or its administrative components. | (derogatory) Motivated, especially inappropriately, by political (electoral or other party political) calculation.
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