Pollute In A Sentence

Definition of Pollute

(rare) Polluted; defiled. | (transitive) To make something harmful, especially by the addition of some unwanted product. | (transitive) To make something or somewhere less suitable for some activity, especially by the introduction of some unnatural factor.

How To Use Pollute In A Sentence?

  • Cattle wading in a stream sometimes pollute their udders and so indirectly infect the milk.
  • Not falsehood and lies only, but also laziness and sloth pollute the soul of man.
  • Hence, on the dread career you have begun, Cease to pollute the home of innocence!
  • Men whose painted pets pollute the very air that such as Beulah Sands must breathe.
  • The engine's shriek, the headlight's glare, Pollute the still nocturnal air.
  • And let us not pollute ourselves with fornication, as some of them were polluted, and fell in one day to the number of twenty-three thousand.
  • If you wish to defend religion by bloodshed, by tortures and by crime, you no longer defend it, but pollute and profane it.
  • Though they never expound the scripture, they handle it much, and pollute the gospel with two things, their conversation and their thumbs.
  • It gives us the awful number of 500,000 women whom the priests of Rome have the legal right to pollute and destroy every day!
  • No Persian may pollute a river, nor even wash in it, nor will they allow any one else to do so, for they have a great reverence for rivers.
  • May the detestable commerce in human flesh, which the Negroes abhor, and the Moors desire, cease to pollute these shores!
  • In the solitude of a midnight chamber or in a desert afar from men or in a church while the body is kneeling the soul may pollute itself even with those crimes which we are accustomed to deem altogether carnal.
  • The flutter of her blasphemous sash did not profane the sunlight in the streets of Bugletown, nor pollute with its passing the houses of the good wives.
  • Before I begin my confession, allow me to ask you not to pollute my ears by the questions which our confessors are in the habit of putting to their female penitents.
  • In order that criminals so atrocious might no longer pollute the earth, he appointed inquisitors in every country, armed with the apostolic power to convict and punish.
  • Factory refuse, instead of being allowed to pollute the waters, should be turned to good use by extracting the chemicals, which form valuable by-products.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pollute | Pollute Sentence

  • I never permit my children to pollute my piano with it.
  • And with thy Breath pollute the fragrant Air.
  • Moreover, synthetic chemicals are very harmful and pollute the environment.
  • My presence might pollute a spotless reputation, or furnish fuel to jealousy.

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