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  • I used to see him playing polo at the grounds.
  • Which side do you think will win the polo match to-morrow?
  • They were in plain clothes: slacks, polo shirts.
  • The success of Marco Polo is amply attested.
  • Marco Polo ignores the Levant for the riches of a Khan.
  • Al Polo Nord, mi ha detto....
  • There is a club, of course; a polo and football ground, and a cricket ground.
  • Marco Polo alludes to the same wine in his second book, chapter xxv.
  • Allora al Polo Nord, in cerca d'avventure.
  • Without going back to Marco Polo in the thirteenth century, what do we find?
  • I ride one of Boggley's polo ponies, Solomon by name.
  • Immediately after that is over we're all going to the polo tournament.
  • There's a polo game at home on Saturday, and Tom has a new motor car.

How To Use Polo In A Sentence?

  • I had hoped to see polo on those little rats of ponies, but it could not be arranged.
  • The makeshift polo game had paused, and the riders were gathering about the quarrelling two.
  • He was in a poor way nervously at this time, playing bad polo and drinking altogether too much.
  • Ill-weighed Polo sticks make the situation worse if the horse is not so kept.
  • He had, in an incredibly brief time, changed from his polo clothes to flannels and a straw hat.
  • Yesterday we left the solitude of Rika and went to polo at a place about seventeen miles away.
  • Not while he could ride a buck-jumper, handle a hog spear or a polo stick, and shoot straight.
  • The manes of polo ponies and cobs it is the fashion to "hog," or cut off close to the neck.
  • Very different from the night when we first met him at the Calford Polo Club ball.
  • A few days later she saw a picture of Mr. Brent, in polo costume, in one of the magazines.
  • Mangxante, mia hundo sidis kun mi, kaj sur skabeloj unu kato cxiuflanke, dum Polo paroladis al ni.
  • Mr. Trixton Brent, very firmly astride of a restive, flea-bitten polo pony, surveyed her amusedly.
  • So Marco Polo may have suggested to Columbus the voyage which led to the discovery of America.
  • King was a polo pony from St. Louis, and Prince a many-gaited love-horse from Pasadena.
  • Having no regular occupation he could devote himself to polo with the exclusiveness of a single passion.
  • Five minutes earlier the engineer had been angry enough to prefer spiteful charges against the polo players all and singular.
  • Both played polo and tennis with skill and kept the Station entertained by their high spirits and resourcefulness.
  • The physician went to his house and made a polo club, the handle of which he hollowed out, and put in it the drug he wished to use.
  • He got up, spun around like a polo pony to face the train, deliberately picked out level going, and charged again.
  • King being a polo pony and Milda a rabbit, they rounded curves beautifully and darted ahead like coyotes out of the way of the wheelers.
  • He was to have gone out with the polo team, you know, to America, but broke a rib just as they were making the selection.
  • He was taking out his three polo ponies, and had hopes of being appointed Galloper to a certain General.
  • He was taking out his three polo ponies, and had hopes of being appointed Galloper to a certain General.
  • That Saturday night there was a large dinner-party at Highcourt in celebration of some polo match, where the local team was gloriously vanquished.
  • In the third game of polo a clumsy player struck Mr. Jacobs on the back of his head, laying open his skull.
  • Stevenson, also, tells us the exact gear that he loaded on his donkey, but what did Marco Polo carry?
  • Basket balls, volley balls, water polo balls, baseballs and bats, quoits, bows and arrows, and tennis sets are all valuable.

Definition of Polo

(Philippines) A dress shirt.
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