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  • Should it be called polytheism or pantheism?
  • Other possible traces of polytheism are few and doubtful.
  • Moreover, it was a polytheism like another.
  • I do not mean by this the distinction between polytheism and monotheism.
  • We can see here very clearly how unstable a thing polytheism is.
  • The latter was a polytheism brought close to the people through the Druids.

How To Use Polytheism In A Sentence?

  • What substitute had it provided for this discredited polytheism with its ridiculed mythology?
  • With advancing thought the ideas of polytheism later gave place to the nobler conception of monotheism.
  • The monotheistic tendency of the hymn to the moon-god stands in marked contrast to the polytheism of the solar hymns.
  • Again: there is not the smallest trace of an earlier monotheism preceding the polytheism of either the one or the other nation.
  • Whether monotheism or polytheism be the older, it is useless in our present state of knowledge to attempt to enquire.
  • The question between polytheism and monotheism, which has loomed so large to some minds, never troubled him.
  • Pray observe that we find in this group of connected beliefs and worships something quite analogous to the polytheism of the ancient world.
  • These are the external manifestations of polytheism which struck every eye, and affected the mind by their constant recurrence.
  • We may, then, define polytheism as the partition of the highest attributes of life between a limited number of agents.
  • The cult of the heavenly bodies was not the source of polytheism; indeed, there are systems of polytheism in which it has never existed at all.
  • For this polytheism was no dormant, otiose power withdrawn into the background and crouching apart from the actions and feelings of daily life.
  • The Trinity, was it not a relic of that ineradicable desire for polytheism implanted in the human bosom?
  • The ancient festivals of Yule and Eostra continued under another guise and polytheism still held its sway.
  • They believed undoubtedly in many gods; in those parts of the Avesta which come next to the hymns in time, polytheism is in full force.
  • As to the former, there can be no doubt that the effect of philosophy in all its schools and through all its shades of thought had been hostile to a simple belief in polytheism and its mythology.
  • Unlike Mosaism, moreover, it was a pantheistic monotheism, and it failed accordingly in its struggle with the nebulous polytheism of Egypt.
  • The theological thought, of which he was the subject and centre, gradually but inexorably passes from a narrow form of polytheism into a materialistic pantheism.
  • Secondly, regarding this polytheism as an object presented to the human intellect, nothing more unreasonable and monstrous than this crowd of deities can even be conceived.
  • The doctrine which they do widely hold, and which opens to them a course tending in one or other of these directions, is polytheism culminating in the rule of one supreme divinity.
  • In yet another way, political advance produces religious degeneration, if polytheism be degeneration from the conception of one relatively supreme moral being.
  • As there are good and evil people in this world, so there are gods and demons in the Otherworld: we find a polytheism limited only by a polydemonism.
  • Thus has the collective and historical insanity which calls itself religion been developed since fetichism, passing through all the stages from polytheism to Christian monotheism.
  • It was impossible to break with the past, and the past was bound up with polytheism and with the existence of great cities, each with its separate god and sanctuary and the minor divinities who revolved around them.
  • But with the ordinary believer, even where an extraneous but almost inevitable polytheism is least in evidence, the religious experience consists in substantially the same elements that appear in theistic religions.

Definition of Polytheism

The belief in the existence of multiple gods.
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