Ponies In A Sentence

How To Use Ponies In A Sentence?

  • My ponies so plump, and as white as a lily!
  • Two blown ponies bore down on the station at a dead run.
  • Or we could ride our ponies fast and get away.
  • The ponies were fresh and frisky, and did not mind the tug.
  • Suddenly my ponies stopped, shied, and began to back.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ponies | Ponies Sentence

  • In an instant they were on their ponies and after me.
  • The ponies were tiring.
  • The ponies halted of their own accord.
  • One of his ponies was hobbled in the mesquite.
  • The ponies plodded on cheerfully.
  • Our horses and ponies were swum over.
  • Then a group of ponies was seen.
  • The ponies stepped briskly.
  • The oxen and ponies foraged for themselves.
  • All his ponies had been stolen and driven off.
  • The sturdy ponies were all drowned.
  • Thousands of ponies were grazing on the prairie.
  • Your ponies were cramped from the railway.
  • The ponies drew apart.
  • Mainly the runaway ponies held her attention.
  • An awful struggle ensued between my ponies and myself.
  • They must have scared the ponies into fits.
  • Were the ponies giving way a little?
  • How many deers and ponies does he drive?
  • Clipclap whinnied and one of the other ponies answered.
  • The ponies again began to crop the grass.
  • The two ponies started to run.
  • And the two ponies leaped forward.
  • How the ponies dashed through, and into the avenue!
  • The dash between the ponies was to be four hundred yards.
  • The manes and tails of the ponies streamed with ribbons.
  • The ponies surely would have left together.
  • At a bend in the road the ponies crowded together.
  • Several of the ponies are barely able to make the grade.
  • He came leading two ponies from their stalls.
  • He finds the ponies in this circular position of defence.
  • Do you see what a simple arrangement these ponies drag?
  • She remembered this in a flash, as the ponies tore on.
  • The ponies seemed desirous of running away all the time.
  • I went back to my ponies to fetch my paint-box.

Definition of Ponies

plural of pony | (plural only, automotive, slang) horsepower | (with the) horse racing
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