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  • Tecumseh was to be the Pontiac who would lead them.
  • And so Pontiac waged a religious war.
  • They contained Pontiac and his sixty chiefs.
  • I noticed that Pontiac carried in his hand a wampum belt.
  • Out of his brooding and his hate, Pontiac formed his plan.
  • With a gesture Pontiac bade Crooked Lightning speak.
  • Good thing it lasted the trip as the Pontiac was a real nice car.
  • The gates was opened when Pontiac arrived, and he and his warriors entered.
  • As Pontiac entered the fort, a glance showed him that his plot was discovered.
  • That same day in the afternoon Chief Pontiac himself appeared.
  • But Cornstalk had been a war chief also, during the Pontiac up-rising.

How To Use Pontiac In A Sentence?

  • The name and fame of Pontiac had extended far into the south and into the east.
  • With skill and adroitness Pontiac had gathered many tribes into a strong offensive league.
  • This Pontiac was head chief not alone of the Ottawas, but of the Chippewas and Potawatomis.
  • Here they lived for half a century, fighting with Villiers and Pontiac and Little Turtle.
  • In planning his campaign Pontiac delegated the Shawanese and Delawares to carry Fort Pitt.
  • The commander of the fort had been warned, but he was as foolish as some of those officers in the Pontiac war.
  • It was a very good Pontiac and I didn't owe more than a couple hundred dollars on it.
  • Of course, the attacks were made by other chiefs, under his directions, as Pontiac could not be at all the simultaneous assaults.
  • As a boy of eleven or twelve he had been stirred by the Pontiac war, in which the Miamis had joined.
  • It was in 1763 that Pontiac first showed his hostility against us, and his determination, if possible, to drive us from the lakes.
  • Not to be dissuaded, Pontiac crossed the river in the uniform of a French officer, which had been given him by Montcalm.
  • The peace blanket spread by the Prophet to cover all red nations and make them one, concealed a hatchet, as the blanket of Pontiac concealed a gun.
  • Under Pontiac they joined in the plot to drive out the English from the West and win back the land for France.
  • On May 1 Pontiac and forty chiefs and warriors entered the fort, and danced the calumet, a peace dance, for the pleasure of their officers.
  • Sometime during 1941 I went to Rochester to find another car and found a 1936 Pontiac that looked almost new for $450.

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