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  • And a-glinting in the pools of her eyes?
  • Are pools glad to lie placid refracting the sunshine?
  • Tiny pools stood in the ruts glinting blue toward the sky.
  • There are several large pools of water where they bathe.
  • It bayed of stinking sunless pools and gurgled of black ooze.
  • Tadpoles of this species were in small, often muddy pools in the forest.
  • There were dung-hills before the doors, and no lack of pools and puddles.
  • Her eyes, like twin pools of shining radiance, were searching his face.
  • These pools Shireen took care to avoid, for she was a very dainty cat indeed.

How To Use Pools In A Sentence?

  • But at other times water is only to be found in a few small pools in its rocky bed.
  • There is the dead body of a man in one of those pools close under the railway fence.
  • After these floods millions of fishes are left in small pools some distance back from the river.
  • The valley is broad; the water lies only in scanty pools among the rocks in the stream-bed.
  • Her eyes were like pools of ink and tragic with imploring, Laughter would have made her lovely.
  • In vales, where summer sleeps in darkling woods With sunlit glades, and pools where lilies blow.
  • For the most part the pools were surrounded and studded with sedges, which concealed them from passers-by.
  • A herd of a dozen antelopes were quenching their thirst in the bed of a torrent where some pools of water had lodged.
  • At wayside stations the reflections from the lamps shone with a melancholy gleam in inky pools of rain-water.
  • The water ran from his clothing in little streams and made a series of pools on the polished wood floor.
  • Continuing along the bank of the run, the boys presently came to one of the deepest pools in the stream.
  • Every one of the patients was blotched in one place or another with blood, and some of them were lying in pools of the crimson fluid.
  • The cheek bones stood out sharply, little pools of shadow emphasizing the hollowness of his sunken cheeks.
  • These turtles were found on the forest floor, in small sluggish streams, and in pools in the forest.
  • The drizzling rain continued as the two stumbled forward, slipping and splashing through deep pools of icy water.
  • It lost nothing by being heard on a bright, frosty morning, when the edges of the pools were filmed with ice.
  • His furious fever drove him on, talking to himself, and splashing recklessly into the pools of rain-water standing in the road.
  • It was like an enchanted journey, gliding along through the still night, amid pools of sparkling gems.
  • In those days masons built stony belvederes and laid pipes which burst forth into mountain pools a good ten feet above the sidewalk.
  • Every year the club women renew the agitation, and every year the school children go out with their teachers and cover the pools with oil.
  • The unkindness of irrigation ditches, withdrawing its waters, revealed that like most bottomless pools of story it was very shallow indeed.
  • Sometimes it was so broad that ... the great pigs would continue to wallow undisturbed in the pools of mud....
  • Then, sitting back, he found her eyes fixed upon him, pools of inscrutable night in the shadow of her hat.
  • There are still deep pools where the stream formerly ran, and dams have been formed, which will keep back a considerable supply of water.
  • He is like one of those tiny pools among the rocks, left behind by the deep waters of ocean and reflecting the blue height of the sky.
  • It hawks over pools and fields and through gardens, decimating swarms of mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other baneful insects.
  • A cold and cursed rain was falling, and stricken men, in extremities of thirst, were lapping pools of water defiled with their own blood.
  • The two upper pools were empty when I saw them, but the third one contained some water and a great number of frogs.
  • Her lips ... coloured now to a deeper, clearer carmine, with little pools of love visible lurking in the corners of them ...
  • At midnight the sky darkened with low, black rain clouds, upon whose surface the constant cannon fire flashed in pools of violet-white light.
  • There were few mountains, and only such hills as were enough to form the ravines and pools where the pintadoes and snipes went sailing and diving through.

Definition of Pools

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of pool | plural of pool
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