Popularizing In A Sentence

Definition of Popularizing

present participle of popularize

How To Use Popularizing In A Sentence?

  • This point of view is seen in our own country in the popularizing of general education.
  • Of course, in the beginning it is usually better to approach the great masters through some well informed, popularizing disciple.
  • It was at the time of the scarcity, in 1847, that the Socialist schools attempted and succeeded in popularizing their fatal theory.
  • I have tried to establish this proof in regard to the two kinds of knowledge and illustrated it with commonplace examples, because these have a popularizing effect.
  • Comte wrote her the warmest expressions of his gratitude; but this he owed her on another ground besides the one of the value of her labors in popularizing his work so ably.
  • On this his theory of therapeutics was based, and, inspired by the same opinions, he was one of the most earnest advocates of the day of popularizing medical science in all its branches among the masses.

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