Pork in a sentence

Definition of Pork

(transitive, slang, vulgar, usually of a male) To have sex with (someone). | (uncountable) The meat of a pig; swineflesh. | (US, politics, slang, derogatory) Funding proposed or requested by a member of Congress for special interests or his or her constituency as opposed to the good of the country as a whole.

Short Example Sentence for Pork

  • 1. The pork was delicious.
  • 2. Also he had salt pork and onions.
  • 3. Carve pork and mutton in the same way.
  • 4. When is pork a valuable food?
  • 5. Serve with lamb or pork chops.
  • 6. I had now only two pounds of pork left.
  • 7. These cakes he fried in pork grease.
  • 8. Fry two slices of salt pork in an iron pot.
  • 9. Cut nice pieces of cold pork and put them into a deep pan.
  • 10. Find out what she wants; I want pork chops.
  • 11. I got a "hardtack" and bit of raw pork about 10 A.M.
  • 12. Fried pork an' apples!
  • 13. Many persons had also several small pieces of pork and a chicken.
  • 14. A chicken is killed, and usually both pork and chicken are eaten.
  • 15. Cooked pork was passed among the people, and rice was always being brought.
  • 16. Instead of roast lamb and green peas you will eat salt pork and baked beans.
  • 17. From twelve to half past one more pork and beans, bread and tea.
  • 18. In the Benguet area it ranks second, pork receiving the first place.
  • 19. Chicken, pork (except wild hog), and dog are never eaten except ceremonially.

How to use Pork in a Sentence?

  • 1. Each woman carried a small earthen pot in which was a piece of pork covered with basi.
  • 2. She began to fry her pork and apples, with a perfunctory attempt at conversation.
  • 3. During this time we had no cooked food, nothing but hardtack and raw pork and coffee but once.
  • 4. Lay other slices of pork over them, pour over all a cupful of stock, and roast one hour.
  • 5. Many a fine piece of the pork marched away on a bayonet, ready for the noon-day meal.
  • 6. Fry slices of fat bacon or pork crisp, take them out and put the breaded ham into the hissing fat.
  • 7. Kitty could have told her that the yard of the absent Trustee ran back to the pork house.
  • 8. Many hogs were raised, with great profit, bacon and pork being, of course, high-priced.
  • 9. With the usual allowance of bread and water for dinner, I served an ounce of pork to each person.
  • 10. Even Emmy Lou knew the pork house which had built itself unpleasantly near the neighbourhood.
  • 11. In cold weather fifteen cents' worth of pork is cooked with the rice.
  • 12. They eat all animals which have died a natural death, and are particularly fond of pork of this description.
  • 13. The olla and piece of pork were at once put in the basket, and the journey conscientiously continued to the next sementera.
  • 14. Their aversion to salt is a very marked peculiarity, and they will not eat either corned beef or pork on this account.
  • 15. The best way to test this temptation is to diet yourself on "hardtack" and pork for just about one week.
  • 16. She placed her olla of basi and pork over a tiny fire, kindled by the first pilgrim to the mountain in the morning and fed by each arrival.
  • 17. Some of them were to be butchered there and afford apartment-dwellers lamb stew, tenderloins, and pork chops ...
  • 18. This was the mainstay of our meals on the march, a cup of coffee and a thin slice of raw pork between two hardtacks frequently constituting a meal.
  • 19. To-day, as formerly, the live pig and hog and pieces of pork and carabao meat are used a great deal in barter.
  • 20. A large piece of rusty pork was stuck upon a hook attached to the end of a stout chain, the chain being fastened to a strong rope.
  • 21. Amaryllis, though anxious to please him, hesitated, not only because of the smoke, but because she knew he always had pork for dinner.