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  • The enlarged extremities of the round bones are more porous than the main shaft.
  • They may be compared to the molecules of a gas which is enclosed in a porous body.
  • The water oozes through the porous clay and appears on the outside of the vessel as a faint sweat.
  • The commercial article is a dull gray porous substance which contains many impurities.
  • In the centre of the dining table were white, porous vessels containing drinking water.
  • Linen and silk both make admirable and healthful under wear, if woven with a properly porous mesh.
  • The carbon dioxide generated forces its way through the dough, thus making it porous and light.
  • The porous cup is cylindrical in form, about three inches in diameter and seven inches deep.
  • They are formed of two plates, or tablets of bony matter, united by a porous portion of bone.
  • In hardness and durability the paste corresponds pretty closely with that of our red porous earthenware.
  • Linen is much cooler than woolens, because it is a better non-conductor and is of more porous weave.
  • But a not inconsiderable portion soaks into the solid rocks themselves, which are all more or less porous and pervious.
  • Dynamite consists of porous earth which has absorbed nitroglycerin, and its strength depends on the amount present.
  • It can be so woven as to be almost as porous as wool, and to retain that porousness even when saturated with perspiration.
  • The decayed leaves and twigs are so light and porous that they soak up most of the rain as it falls and hold the water indefinitely.
  • The mercury placed in the bottom of the porous cup with the zinc keeps the zinc in a state of perpetual amalgamation.
  • Here were the mansions of the nobles, built of a red porous stone and covering a large space of ground.
  • The sponge is exceedingly porous and readily absorbs water or any fluid by the well-known process of capillary attraction.
  • After all the gas comes off you will find in the bottom of the test tube a chunk of dry, porous coke.
  • In this the water is forced through a porous cylindrical cup, the pores being so minute as to strain out the organic matter.
  • A little water poured in the vent hole of the porous jar or carbon cylinder will tend to hasten the action.
  • The earth used in the closet is a porous material, sufficiently dry for the free admission of air or of oxygen.
  • If the moon ever had air and water, as it probably did, they are now absorbed in the porous lava of its substance.
  • A wall of porous and opaque ice-rubbish, into which our feet had plunged deep, had stayed our progress.
  • You want the upper leather to keep the cold air from coming in; and also porous enough to let the perspiration out.
  • On the high benches it was not so bad for the springy, porous turf soaked up the excessive moisture and held its firmness tolerably well.
  • Koom is noted for the manufacture of a white porous earthenware, which is made into flasks and bottles, some of beautiful design and workmanship.
  • The water filters through the sand and gravel and passes into the porous pipe A, from which it is pumped into the city mains.
  • It dispenses, however, with the porous cup and instead employs a carbon electrode, which in itself forms a cup for the depolarizing agent.
  • In texture, it is dense, and homogeneous toward the circumference, and porous and cellular in the centre, like the pith of a plant.
  • In another well-known type of the Fuller battery the carbon is a hollow cylinder, surrounding the porous cup.
  • The skin, covered with short hair, is of remarkable substance, so as to produce a strong, but rather porous leather, of about an inch in thickness.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Porous | Porous Sentence

  • The clothing should be of a porous character.
  • How is the necessity of porous clothing illustrated?
  • It is brought to the city mule-back in porous jars.
  • His father sells water-jugs and jars made of porous earth.
  • This is one of the many reasons why we should wear loose and porous clothing.
  • Papillate -us: a surface with small elevations which are porous at tip.
  • These are the porous lines of spring wood, discolored by foreign matter.
  • It is porous in weave, light in color, and of fairly light weight.

Definition of Porous

Full of tiny pores that allow fluids or gasses to pass through. | (Of legislation) full of loopholes | (figuratively) With many gaps.
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