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How To Use Portend In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps after all the missive did not portend the calamity that a note from school usually did.
  • To be sure, there was a slight haze around it that might portend rain later on.
  • Do they portend approaching death, which tells I soon must hence my darksome journey go?
  • In the infancy of astronomical science it was regarded by astrologers as a sign to portend the birth of an extraordinary individual.
  • I know not which way the wind is; but the aspect of things seems to portend a calm drizzle as much as anything else.
  • The momentary alarm he had felt as to what a letter that brought excitement to Beatrix could portend was dispersed.
  • His landscapes seem to portend the calm before some great upheaval, or to express a supernatural energy poised for an act of total annihilation.
  • Besides, if we will visit London, the present time is the best time, as some signs portend that it has reached its highest point.
  • In the mere function of suggestion, there is no difference between the power of a column of mercury to portend rain, and that of the entrails of an animal or the flight of birds to foretell the fortunes of war.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Portend | Portend Sentence

  • Stars shooting about portend wind.
  • The criticisms it has of late evoked portend its end.

Definition of Portend

(transitive) To serve as a warning or omen of. | (transitive) To signify; to denote.
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