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Definition of Portent

Something that portends an event about to occur, especially an unfortunate or evil event; an omen. | A portending; significance | Something regarded as portentous; a marvel; prodigy.

How To Use Portent In A Sentence?

  • The steady increase in the social-democratic vote was a portent not to be disregarded.
  • Published in 1677, they were as much of a portent as a man in trunk hose and a slashed doublet.
  • Amongst the Romans its appearance was regarded as a most certain portent of death.
  • Such an ominous portent as that no intelligent Bagabo could be expected to disregard.
  • She was conscious, too, in a vague way, of the portent of some permanent change pending.
  • Les segments portent souvent des bandes, marginales ou basilaires, continues ou interrompues.
  • The Magliabecchian Library maintains the remembrance of a portent in literature.
  • When the cold winds and airs of portent sweep, My spirit may have sleep.
  • Many thought that this apparition was a portent of the deaths connected with the Pentland Rising.
  • Charming Billy, hearing the crooning wail of it, knew well the portent and sighed.
  • On the other hand, the darkest portent in the Near East is the continued intransigeance of France.
  • Bill's smiling eyes refused to become serious under the portent of these warnings.
  • When he had gone she somehow had the feeling that a great fiery meteor of unknown portent had swept across her sky.
  • I have some respect for, even when twisted into a portent for a band of broken men in the extremity of danger.
  • Though they face a sea out of which any portent may arise, they are not forced to protect or even to police its waters.
  • I don't know why, but even then the affair seemed big with mystery, with the portent of tragedy.
  • Its body grew denser; its shape more and more definite; and now the completed portent is spreading its denials through the whole universe.
  • Les femmes portent autour des reins une peau de quelque animal, qui leur descend jusqu'aux genoux.
  • I have told my dream to Nefert, the best beloved of my wives, and we have agreed to prepare against the portent of such catastrophes.
  • Our heads, I think, fairly swam as the terrible portent of these words sank into our consciousness.
  • Every change of season, every portent of nature, every important step either in public or in private life, required its consecration.
  • And he hoped that it would not spare him, as this phantasm twirled and ululated in the heavens, a grim portent of the iron wrath of the Almighty.
  • However it comes, it has been a portent of good, and minds me of that night when we brought home at last my sea queen, Gerda.
  • To test their full portent I went over to him, Natalie still holding my hand with trembling fingers.
  • L'une et l'autre portent à peu près le même costume, d'un roux mêlé de gris ou de brun noirâtre.
  • And no motor-horn came; instead, after endlessly tedious minutes, John returned bearing himself like a portent of disaster.
  • A most remarkable portent in this direction is the Pan-Islamic conference held at Sivas early in 1921.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Portent | Portent Sentence

  • What awful portent was this?
  • Is this the evil portent of the birds?
  • Nearly every portent is to him a portent of misfortune.
  • What portent from the Gods is here?
  • Comme disent les peintres, elles portent parfaitement.
  • Ils portent le nom de Huns.
  • The silence without was only portent of the storm so soon to burst.
  • Le roi, les princes se portent au danger comme les derniers des soldats.
  • A week the portent stood in sun and rain And fluttered rags of dread.
  • De milliers d'autres petits pretres, Lui portent de petits bons dieux.
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