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  • Let me hold that portfolio for you.
  • I brought the portfolio from the library.
  • The portfolio stood open.
  • He came into my office with a portfolio under his arm.
  • He takes his hat and portfolio and comes forward.
  • She drew the portfolio from beneath her arm instead.
  • A large portfolio stood in one corner.
  • The leaves of your portfolio are small; draw it on this.
  • Peer knocked at the door, with a portfolio under his arm.
  • In a corner was a large portfolio for drawings, closed.
  • The portfolio and the Indian Commissioner arrived together.
  • Commerce and Industry, Portfolio of, 263.
  • Fairbairns, A. Portfolio of English Cathedrals.
  • He had in his portfolio a letter addressed to his mother.
  • Soon afterwards the chief contents of the portfolio were published.
  • Presently she opened an old portfolio and took from it a little sketch.
  • A boy carrying a portfolio and a strapped-up easel stood behind.
  • He had the same orange-coloured portfolio in his hand, and took it inside.
  • The portfolio went to the spot; it was made of leather with brass corners.
  • The chief honours of the portfolio belong to the publishers....
  • On my opening the portfolio it appeared that I had been there.
  • Unconsciously Anselmo glanced at the portfolio which lay on the table.
  • Taking a portfolio from a table near by, he went out to where Hilary sat.

How To Use Portfolio In A Sentence?

  • He took out the portfolio in which were the notes he had made about it now and again.
  • He had only to realize a few certificates in his portfolio and the acquisition was settled for.
  • They were to take negatives that day of the portfolio of seventeenth century etchings.
  • They repaired to the library and took position by a large portfolio of engravings.
  • He had brought his sketches, but he was uncomfortable with the portfolio under his arm.
  • They could only conclude that the portfolio had been thrown from a window of the moving cab.
  • His portfolio was under his arm, and he had in his hand a bundle of newspapers.
  • In my portfolio were sketches and studies of the barrens, and in my heart were hopes.
  • Charles bristled, and flung his portfolio and large black hat down on the table.
  • This portfolio may be made by pasting tinted paper or book linen over cardboards.
  • Before long he returned, a portfolio under his arm, from which he drew a manuscript volume.
  • Lemois, intent on rescuing a particular portfolio of etchings, either would not or did not hear.
  • I then carefully drew out my portfolio and read what I had written the day before.
  • Dr. Meredith arrived with a portfolio containing what seemed to be proof-sheets.
  • There was a portfolio of photographs lying on the table, which I turned over abstractedly.
  • And as I took up the other portfolio she laid her hand upon it, rubbing it softly.
  • He was short, stout, and badly pitted with the small-pox, and held a portfolio under his arm.

Definition of Portfolio

A case for carrying papers, drawings, photographs, maps and other flat documents. [from 1720s] | (by extension) The collection of such documents, especially the works of an artist or photographer. | (politics) The post and the responsibilities of a cabinet minister or other head of a government department. [from 1930s]
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