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  • Harewell is known to have been a portly man.
  • Grant pointed to the portly old gentleman on the ground.
  • He was also portly and easily became over-heated.
  • He was a tall man, portly and majestic.
  • He was portly in his person, but refinement marked his features.
  • He was a portly man of about fifty, with red cheeks and black hair.
  • Dr. Horace Selby was a large, portly man, with an imposing presence.
  • A portly Pomyeshchick, With long grey moustaches, Some sixty years old.
  • She let the wind blow her alongside her friend's portly despair.

How To Use Portly In A Sentence?

  • A portly lady was shrieking constantly and waving her arms in a state of terror.
  • The sheriff rose instantly with that cumbrous agility sometimes characterizing portly men.
  • You will be yourself a portly grave man, with your hair a little bald and gray.
  • He was tall and broad shouldered and his robe fitted tightly round his portly form.
  • He is between forty and fifty, if as much, a very tall and very portly personage.
  • A tall and portly broker appeared upon the scene in an entire suit of new broadcloth.
  • The curate lit his lamp and poked his fire, and the portly woman began to toast his muffins.
  • He was a middle-aged man, portly and affable, with a considerable fund of local lore.
  • Commissions called us into the town, and we slunk along the streets, spying for a portly form.
  • He rejoiced inwardly to see how the portly shape of Switzer stiffened and swelled at the taunt.
  • But the First Floor Back filled the little room with her loud voice and portly presence.
  • We sprang on Sir Walter Cholmondeliegh, and rolled that portly old gentleman on his back.
  • These humble but portly representatives of political literature are the log-books of the ship of state.
  • His portly frame quivered like jelly as realization came to him that he was the only one who had escaped the ray.
  • The young man hurried forward and was in time to ease his portly friend down the last step of her car.
  • Even as he finished speaking a large automobile dashed up and out tumbled a well-dressed and portly red-faced stranger.
  • Tancredi proved a rather good-natured portly woman with a taste for exaggerated garments which suggested the operatic stage.
  • Bowing reverently to the portly gentlemen, they seated themselves and filled out green tickets with the names of the liberal candidates.
  • The merchant, who was so stout and portly that he offered a strong contrast to his cousin, rose from his desk as the latter entered.
  • Every eye was fixed on the little portly man in the fur coat who stood beside the wagon looking about him with much apparent good-humor.
  • I found her knitting, and slowly swaying her portly form to and fro in a shiny old-fashioned chair, by the fireside.
  • Maria herself was a portly fat woman, as far as possible from handsome; but she looked at me with a whole world of kindness in her dark face.
  • Katharine had to go to the bookcase and choose a portly volume in sleek, yellow calf, which had directly a sedative effect upon both her parents.
  • Here she sat, like a portly spider behind a web of white lace curtain, which effectually concealed her from view from the outside.
  • Five minutes later mine host appeared in person, looking more than usually portly in a check dressing gown and red bedroom slippers.
  • And it was there he used to teach him fishing, and there young Portly caught his first fish, of which he was so very proud.
  • His large, clean-shaven face might have belonged to a popular comedian; his portly figure had still nothing of old age about it.
  • Off that gaunt and unseemly tract has come many a good bale of wool, many a fair keg of butter, or portly cheese.
  • The portly Manager, who suffered cruelly owing to his size, came down perspiring and gasping with the heat.
  • Mrs. Page took the head of the pew, and disposed her portly frame so as to survey the scene with ease.
  • I was chosen that time and had to parade around the room on the arm of a portly Major, who often sent me flowers and books of his own poems.

Definition of Portly

Somewhat fat, pudgy, overweight. [from 15th c.] | (now rare) Having a dignified bearing; handsome, imposing. [from 15th c.]
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