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  • There is no other way to portray them.
  • I hate the way they portray us in the media.
  • Shall I attempt to portray the creature?
  • I did not accurately portray the various parts of my felicity.
  • None can portray like the poet the passions of the human soul.
  • Both authors portray the love of a woman, and there the similarity ends.
  • It would take the clearest of water-colors to portray its color and texture.
  • His words portray justly the immensity of the burden Nelson bore.
  • West says, "I hate the way they portray us in the media.

How To Use Portray In A Sentence?

  • The most graphic pen could not faithfully portray the sickening horror of that night.
  • They portray events more objectively than the priests, hence they are more reliable.
  • Who can portray the sorrow of the heart breaking by the departure of a loved one from life?
  • There are old pictures which portray seas of spouting geysers and flaming volcanic isles.
  • The paintings reproduced in plates 2 and 3 vividly portray this phase of the hunt.
  • It needs the pen of a ready writer duly to portray the influence of neglected school-houses.
  • Ronny shook his head, trying not to let his face portray his feelings of defeat.
  • It is, in nine cases out of ten, waste of time to assail a theory when you can portray a man.
  • The object of the writer of this tale is to portray the life of the people in the days of Knox.
  • Much else might be said in an attempt to portray the economic peculiarities of the Europe of 1914.
  • I will portray for thee the likeness of a Mohar; I will let thee know what he does.
  • She seemed to have determined that the last look which her mate of forty years had of her should not portray helpless grief.
  • The native stanzas portray the progressive movements of the corn from feeble helplessness into the power of life.
  • It is a piece of genius in a writer to make a woman's manner of speech portray her.
  • They endeavoured to portray objectively an abstract process, expecting its mere portrayal to be dynamic.
  • It was sensitive to military glory, and at the same time it did not scorn to portray the peaceful life of the fields.
  • In trying to evoke the women of these days of long ago, it is hardly possible to do more than portray them in outline.
  • They thereby differ from those perceptions of waking day-life, whose purpose is to portray external objects.
  • With the advance in painting, and the ability to portray the round, the necessity for carved details diminished.
  • No pen can describe, either, and to even faintly portray them is but to add gloom to a narrative already replete with it.
  • They never had a lesson in drawing in their lives, but their pictures portray Western life exactly.
  • I know of none stronger; superadded a careful and extensive cultivation; an understanding so matured, that fully enables him to successfully grapple with men or errors, and portray truth in a manner equalled by few.
  • Common proverbs portray the character of the spinster as peevish, selfish, given to queer fancies, and unpleasant eccentricities.
  • His English poems do not portray him as a man likely to die of love, or even to forget a meal on account of it.
  • With his powers at high tide, in the first glamour of a great passion, he set himself to work next morning to portray her as his heart knew her.
  • The sketch, to be perfect, would need to portray a tall, slim, blonde person with feminine features.
  • In my poem I tried to make such a death portray and prove to the imagination the thought of Protagoras.
  • I am no tyrant such as they portray in French tragedies, nor am I fond of theatrical scenes in real life.
  • This difficulty will be encountered by any one who may attempt to chronicle the annals of the aborigines in their aggregate condition, or to portray their individual history.
  • This Prince was a singular medley of qualities, and one must have known him longer and more nearly than I did to be able to portray him in detail.
  • That painter who has coarse hands will portray the like in his works, and the same thing will occur in every limb unless he avoids this pitfall by long study.

Definition of Portray

To paint or draw the likeness of. | (figuratively) To describe in words; to convey. | To play a role; to depict a character, person, situation, or event.
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