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  • It was these incessant alterations of ratio which led Portugal to abandon bimetallism.
  • Lisbon is the one city in Portugal where the cooking is worthy of any serious consideration.
  • With equal promptness he refused to heed an order bidding him return to Portugal immediately.
  • Spain made several attempts to recover this loss; but Portugal has ever since been independent.
  • He returned to Goa in 1558, was imprisoned there, and returned to Portugal in 1569.
  • Continuation of Carlist rebellion in Spain; Portugal abolished its slave trade.
  • King John of Portugal was dissatisfied with the provisions of the Demarcation Bulls.
  • In Portugal the State Road Department has established a number of roadside plantings of chestnut.
  • Germany and France, and in a less degree Belgium, Portugal and Italy, have taken some steps.
  • In the afternoon meeting the deputies of Portugal responded saying that the answer was unsatisfactory.
  • The political history of Portugal had of late afforded a striking parallel to that of the neighbouring country.
  • In Portugal most of the orchards are located on the lower slopes and various crops are grown among the trees.
  • In 1804 Portugal had purchased her neutrality for the duration of the war with the sum of sixteen million francs.
  • In this time of our being there happened to come a Portugal to the western fort, with a flag of truce.
  • Laws which abolished the central government of the colony and made the various provinces individually subject to Portugal he declined to notice.
  • The attorneys for Portugal deferred their voting until this day, and voted that the order of examination should be in the inverse order.
  • The situation of Spain and Portugal unites unhappily all the circumstances to which this treaty has particular reference.
  • Those of Portugal declared that they found differences in this place of one degree, in that of five, which they should try to reconcile.
  • Inform the most serene King of Portugal in regard to these entire proceedings, for it is the truth.
  • For by this means the King of Portugal could take no offense, since this expedient was the same for both.
  • Some little time previously it had been thought necessary to send an army to the frontiers of Portugal to oppose the Archduke.
  • Those of Portugal replied that they did not answer whether they had such a letter from the Emperor, and if there was any delay, they were to blame.
  • Commerce with Portugal and Spain was long confined to yearly fairs and occasional trading fleets that plied between fixed points.
  • It is to be observed that most of the castles possessed by the order in Spain and Portugal were on the borders of the Moorish territory.

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  • Em Portugal nada disso existe.
  • The attorneys for Portugal talked also.
  • In Portugal we inspected many very fine chestnut orchards.
  • Em Portugal os partidos acabaram ha muitos annos.
  • The sovereignty of Spain over Portugal ceased Dec. 1, 1640.
  • The events of 1820 in Portugal hastened the movement toward independence.
  • A copy was given to the attorneys for Portugal and the day of April 12.
  • The first law respecting gold in Portugal is dated 4th August 1688.
  • Became king of Portugal in April, 1581, taking the oath at Lisbon.
  • It proceeded to Rio Janeiro, Portugal then being in alliance with England.
  • O Brasil influe sobre Portugal e Portugal influe sobre o Brasil.
  • Married Isabel of Portugal (daughter of Manoel), March 11, 1526.
  • It becomes very active in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.
  • L'Espagne et le Portugal cesseront d√©finitivement la traite dans huit ans.
  • Enfin, je dis quelques mots du Portugal et de l'Espagne encore.

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