Posed In A Sentence

Definition of Posed

(obsolete) Firm; determined; fixed. | simple past tense and past participle of pose

How To Use Posed In A Sentence?

  • They all interested her, they all posed for her, squirrel and bird and butterfly.
  • A man who employs a word quite correctly may be sadly posed by a request to explain or define it.
  • There were pictures posed for occasions, pictures in fancy clothes, and a quart of kodaks.
  • In his youth he mated with a Marseillaise dancing-girl who had posed as his model.
  • The honors of a royal progress had been paid to Charles, and he posed for a few days as the King.
  • But they posed a greater threat to the Terran Empire than that Empire had ever faced before.
  • The players are then posed in certain effective scenes from the play and the flash-light pictures are taken.
  • The result was that one by one all the richest gipsies of the town came and posed to me at the cafe tables.
  • The subtle manner in which he constructed and posed these patches precluded any discovery of his reasons for altering their natural location.
  • He posed as a perfect stranger, but as soon as the train had left the platform my companion introduced him to me.
  • I had been present several times at the sittings, and noticed that all who had posed for the artist behaved rather unnaturally.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Posed | Posed Sentence

  • He posed for a great admirer of hers.
  • That she posed only in costume now did not satisfy him.
  • I dared not believe that she had posed for me.
  • He posed as a prophet to the very last.
  • Then he always posed as a fisherman.
  • Each posed paradoxically as not being a poser.
  • She had posed awhile as a professional beauty.
  • He posed his first question with an assumed indifference.
  • It posed the lad, made him more perfect as it were.
  • He posed the shamefaced and giggling boy and set to work.
  • The Emperor posed as a philosopher.
  • And you posed as Mademoiselle Nitouche!
  • He had posed as a sort of Golden Youth.
  • Young Jacqueline Kildare might have posed for it.
  • Perhaps you care more about the risks posed by the underlying freedom.
  • Presently they posed him and a dozen cameras snapped while a cinema burred.
  • Hetty might have posed just then as a virgin sitting with turned-down thumb.
  • I sketched for two evenings; then they posed for me two months in the studio.
  • True, we never spoke together, for you posed as a stranger to my friends.
  • Panhandle posed insolently, his thumb in his belt, watching the dice.
  • The ugly part of the story is that he posed in London as a bachelor.
  • Discarding his uniform he put on civilian clothes and posed as a Belgian.
  • He selected a blackthorn, twirled it, saluted, and posed before the mirror.
  • I began to feel a little as if I'd posed as too innocent.
  • This was the genuine, gut-level threat posed by Phrack magazine.
  • Jasper posed as a judge of character, and I felt inclined to agree with him.
  • Ferdinand posed to perfection in the character of Citizen King.
  • She might have posed as Dido when she learned that the noble AEneas was dead.
  • At forty, Mrs. Camelford might have posed for the entire Juno.

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